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Monthly Archives: January 2009

The go-to bag.

we’ve all been there: stuck in traffic that is absolutely stopped. minutes drag on, and although it was just a quick trip to the post office you are now not able to move an inch and the baby is hungry. are you prepared? how about a visit to the playground where your three year old […]

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Make your own green bags

in my own attempts to green up our life, i came across this fabulous idea from martha herself. a reusable grocery/shopping bag made out of… you guessed it: old t-shirts. not only are you helping the environment, but you’ll be recycling those old t-shirts you have lying around. recently i wrote about the dangers of […]

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Lemon love.

we’ve all seen them, you know, those lovely yellow yummies. whether it be in your local produce section, the farmer’s market nearby, or if you are like me – you just may be lucky enough to have a tree smack dab in your backyard. lemons are known for their gorgeous color and sour taste, but […]

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Get your journaling on.

i am one of those who has begun what feels like a million journals since early teenage-hood. okay, so many more like twenty, but you get the picture. some are quite embarrassing to look back on. others bring tears to my eyes as i recall difficult times, then there are the ones that inspire me […]

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Gift wrapping, with a twist.

i am an ex-scrap-a-holic. for years i stocked up on gorgeous papers and embellishments that i had high hopes for. in fact, i had a room in our house designated to this obsession hobby. then, after a few years off, i discovered i was hanging onto a passion that i had become un-passionate about. after […]

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Fall in love with reading.

the more that you read, the more things you will know. the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. -dr. seuss not sure about you, but i love to read. i remember being in the fourth grade, anxious to get back to school the next day so that i could continue my journey […]

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Make your photos stand out, literally.

Okay, okay so I am passionate about photography. That much is true if you know anything about me. Images of my boys cover my walls and take up more space than anything else on my hard drive. Plain and simple – I love taking, sharing, and printing photos. After all, they are the things we […]

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