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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Clean with green.

My journey into greener living has been exciting and eye-opening. One of the first big steps I took was taking control of what sorts of products we use in our home. Keep in mind I am far from “perfect” [ie: still using my bed head root boost, loving the Victoria's Secret body spray I've had […]

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A giveaway!

in honor of the fact that i fell off of the blog-world due to our big move, i am excited to host my first ever giveaway! for all of the five people that read the creative mama, good luck to you! ; ) what will you get? a set of three green bags (or just […]

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Surviving the laundry madness.

that’s right, i’m referring to laundry. are you a lover of the laundry or a hater? i have a friend who absolutely loves to wash, dry, fold, and (sigh) put away load after load. me on the other hand, i’m not a fan. i don’t mind the folding part, but the putting away part – […]

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Oh for the love of tea.

tea: n. an aromatic, slightly bitter beverage made by steeping tea leaves in boiling water. for thousands of years, tea has been a favorite drink for many. originating in asia, tea eventually made its way through europe and into the united states. this beverage has been around. i am admittedly a lover of tea, i […]

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Call ‘em up.

call ‘em up quite simple actually… pick up the phone each day this week and call (not text, twitter, or email), a loved one or dear friend. ask them about their day, be present in the conversation. jot down your thoughts in your journal or let us know what it meant to you to do […]

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Etsy love: The Vintage Pearl.

Ahhhh Etsy. Near & dear to my own heart, is this community of creative minds. I stumbled across Etsy a few years back and have continued to find amazing and fabulous goodies. I have many a fave Etsy store, and decided that every so often I would have an Etsy Love Share of sorts. It […]

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Printing images of your kids.

oh i have much to say on this topic! that is for another time. i wanted to write today about something i feel is quite important when you go out and print those precious images of your little ones. clients are always asking me why is it when they print an image at 8×10 it […]

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