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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Get your chore on.

Do your children help out at home? Do you have a chore chart for them, use chore cards, or perhaps you do all of the hard work? As much as I don’t mind my weekly tasks, I’d like my kids to grow up with a good work ethic, realizing just how wonderful and respected they […]

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What I Found Wednesdays!

Thanks for understanding the delay of our last edition of WIFW. Enjoy browsing through some of my finds this week, and as always feel free to link to some of your own! Simplifying recycling. Abbie at Organizing-Life wrote a great article on recycling, a must see. Dipped pretzels. Adorable and yummy looking party favors. Hanging […]

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Fridge Fun Cups.

Do you struggle with getting your allotted amount of water in per day? Do you find you lose track of how many cups you have had? What about the kids – do you feel it’s a battle when it comes to the amount of juice, milk, or more importantly water they are getting? I know […]

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Phasing through our loves.

No, I’m not referring to those we love, instead the precious loves that include our hobbies and passions. I was able to get out recently with two good friends. We enjoyed three fabulous, children-free hours full of delicious food and yummy finds. Our evening ended at Border’s and what an ending it was. As my […]

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Say hello to my little friends.

Why, my new blog buttons of course. A while ago I shared some, and let’s be honest – I am so not even close to being web savvy (aka: they didn’t work). So here are some fresh new ones! Look to your right and scroll just a smidge to grab the code of your choice. […]

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What remains.

I came across this a few years ago in a focus on the family insert from our church bulletin. at the time I was just a mama to one, struggling through the daily grind of brand new motherhood – trying to find myself in this exciting, yet scary new role. It is something i have […]

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What I found Wednesdays, ahem Thursday!

Free grocery list download. Laura over at I’m an Organizing Junkie created this fabulous download, I know I’ll be printing mine up this weekend! 10 ways to get motivated. Mandi from Organizing Your Way has some great ideas on how to find motivation when we feel we have none. Fetching fingerless gloves. Rebekah (of Bekahjans’s […]

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