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Monthly Archives: June 2009

The Two-Piece Suit.

I bet you can’t guess what I got. That’s right, it’s a bathing suit. Not just any bathing suit, there are two pieces there. Nope, I haven’t lost all the baby weight and I certainly don’t have a two-piece body (this is where the cute-tight-black extra-long-tank comes in) but that really is besides the point. […]

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Coming Soon: For the Love of Photography.

In just one week, two of my loves will come together – The Creative Mama, and my passion for photography. That’s right friends, For the Love of Photography, a two week series, begins on July 6.  This event will be absolutely bursting with inspiration, so charge up those batteries and be ready to click. I […]

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The Winners Are In!

A big giant, thank you to the amazing vendors who were apart of this event. I hope everyone has taken a chance to visit their fabulous shops! I was blown away by the response, thank you to everyone for celebrating with me. Now, onto the winners, thanks to Winning ladies, check your email : […]

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Get Your Creative On!

Hello there creative ladies! I hope you’re ready to Get Your Creative On! If you’re new here, all you have to do is link up (in the comment section) with something, anything creative you’ve done. It can be a craft, something creative you made for dinner, or a fun way you get through the hot […]

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My Lips Are Sealed.

At least for another four days. A big announcement is coming, bright & early Monday morning. All I can say is that I am so giddy with excitement I could pee myself, ya that’s right, I said it. Stay tuned… (and no, the image has nothing to do with the surprise, it just looked delish, […]

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What I Found Wednesdays!

Moms Unplugged. Jamie of Steady Mom writes her thoughts on wasting time online. This was a great read for me, and I really enjoyed her tips on moderating time online. The Clutter You Can’t See. Tsh never ceases to amaze me with her heart. I have read and re-read this article many times over the […]

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When Life Gives You Lemons.

When life gives you lemons, you put them in a cute little bowl and take their photo. At least that’s what I like to do. The lemons of our lives can come in all shapes and sizes. Could be just a bad day, maybe everyone is cutting you off in traffic, or perhaps something worse […]

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