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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Baskets, Angie Style

Recently I shared some eye-candy in the wonderful world of baskets. I thought I might share some photos of my three favorite baskets and what I love about them the most. Quilt Basket This basket was given to me as a Christmas gift this year, filled with delicious wonderfulness. I had to think about it […]

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The Unschooling Closet

Uh-Oh, did someone say “unschooling”? Quick…what was the first thing that popped in your mind? Let me guess….those kids and families they always show on Wifeswap? (not that any of us really will fess up to watching Wifeswap…lol! Unruly, wild children with no boundaries, limits or rules? That family on Good Morning America last week […]

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DIY: A Wall-to-Wall, Curtain Rod

Welcome to my dining room. We have one of those sweet little homes where the front door opens up to the living room and dining room. I knew I wanted to make the dining room as homey as our living room. And, what better way to do that then to enjoy the lovely, stark-white, vertical […]

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Not so random acts of self-kindness

To be truthful, I had anticipated sharing a story of self-kindness today. Something gentle and encouraging about how valuable each of us is and how important it is for us to not only recognize it but also embody it. The message is a good one, for sure. I feel so strongly about it, in fact, […]

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Capturing the Memories + a Giveaway!

Some moms remember everything. The exact time of their baby’s birth. The date they first noticed the hints of a tooth popping through tiny swollen gums. The embarrassing phrase their toddler repeated to the clerk at the grocery store. Where each and every Christmas, birthday and other special occasion was spent and how it was […]

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Why Subscribe?

I have had some questions recently on what it means to subscribe to a blog. This subscribing thing isn’t new to me, in fact it is my saving grace each day – that doesn’t mean that everyone out there knows what it means. So I decided to take a post to explain a bit the […]

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Wagon Train Day

Have you ever had “a day” where it feels like things are crumbling around you? I had one of those this week. We are currently down to one car as my husband’s was vandalized, it has been raining cats and dogs, the kids are tired of being inside, a huge home improvement project totally flopped […]

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