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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Casting Call: Your Creative Corner.

Hello there! A few months ago we launched an exciting new once-monthly addition to our calendar: Your Creative Corner.  A way that we are able to get and be inspired by the many amazing spaces both big and small that are out there in your very own homes and studios. We’ve been thrilled so far, […]

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We’re Expecting.

No, no. Not I – the BLOG is expecting. Such exciting big news I have to share with you and I’m just bursting at the seams! November 1, The Creative Mama will give birth to a very necessary addition – a creative partner. That’s right, though we have an amazing group of collaborators, the blog […]

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Kitchen Journal

Every now and again something so simple makes so much sense that you are sorry that you didn’t think of it before.  I wish that my Kitchen Journal came into my life much earlier than it did.  I keep it in the kitchen near the stove and I use it for a lot of things.  […]

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The Other Kids.

Meet Roxie. Darling fur-baby of a friend of mine. I was visiting recently and decided Roxie was due for a much needed photo-shoot. Her tummy was so full that she couldn’t argue if she tried. It got me to thinking about my own pets and how much (or let’s be honest here… how little) I […]

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An Interlude

I can’t play a note of music.  All my siblings were in the high school marching band.  My dad insisted we all take piano lessons when we were children.  But music was not destined to be one of my creative talents.  Yet somehow, more than a beautiful photograph, more than an evocative poem, more than […]

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Just Be Still.

One day not long ago, I had a small chunk of time just for myself- alone, with no work to do for the moment. This is such a rare thing in my life, with a toddler to raise and a business to run. When these precious moments do come, I often find myself hardly even […]

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