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Monthly Archives: November 2010

A Personal “Get Well” Card

A close friend of our family was recently diagnosed with cancer.  When he was scheduled to have surgery, I wanted to tell him that we were thinking of him but didn’t want to send the standard card and flowers.  I wanted to be thoughtful and personal.   So with a little help from each family member, we created a “Get Well” card that […]

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Vintage Sheet Music Wreath

My grandmother is a collector of beautiful things.  Not precious things, mind you, but beautiful.  Being a former middle school art teacher, she lit up the creative lives of countless inner-city children over her 25 years of teaching.  Teaching in the inner-city over the years taught her to find beauty and purpose in inexpensive and […]

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Multi-functional Living

I love making things multi-functional in our home. Although Charley is only months old I know it will not be long when she will be sitting in a “big girl” chair, eating her dinner. And, I love the idea of her joining us on those fun nights where we grab some food and eat in […]

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The day is just around the corner for many of us, Thanksgiving. Facebook is buzzing with thankful posts, twitter is as well, and many of you are blogging your thoughts each day of this month. It’s been a fantastic reminder to appreciate not only the big, but small blessings in our lives. Would you mind […]

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