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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Bee-ing Intentional.

“Fiddle-dee-dee, fiddle-dee-dee, The fly has married the bumblebee. Said the fly, said he, “Will you marry me, And live with me sweet bumblebee?” Fiddle-dee-dee, fiddle-dee-dee, The fly has married the bumblebee.” Now that I’m emerging from the mama-fog that comes with having a newborn, I’ve been focusing on playing more intentionally and creatively with my […]

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Addy Lane {Giveaway – closed}

edited using Cream & Sugar One of the best parts of being an owner of The Creative Mama is working with our amazing vendors.  They are the best and and offer the best products around.  Today one of our newest vendors, Addy Lane is giving away one of their vintage action sets.  Vintage Tea Tones […]

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Style Me Mama

My name is Larami. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising. It wasn’t until very recently that I could boldly proclaim that without subsequent qualifiers. Blame it on the questions that typically followed such a statement: “So you studied the history of  polka dots and stuff?” or “Wait, that’s an actual degree?” or […]

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Shooting the Color Red

Have you ever been taking some pictures of red roses and noticed that they are almost neon?  Or tried to take a picture of a bowl of strawberries and they look like they are bleeding?  It happens to me all the time.  I am a food photographer and it is extra important for me to […]

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Shades of Black and White

My clients don’t come to me for my eye-popping color images.  I am 100% certain of that.  They don’t ask me to capture the gorgeous blue hue of their daughter’s eyes, but rather the soulful look within them.  And 95% of the time, I’ll show them that soulful image in black and white, rather than […]

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For the Love of Family Books

In this digital age we live in, many struggle getting their digital photographs from the computer to somewhere in print.  While there’s a variety of ways to do this, one way that I’ve personally conquered this battle is through the printing of an annual family book.  I started this tradition back in 2007, shortly after […]

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