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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Staying Creative

A few weeks ago, I came across this list, which I loved and then I came across this video, adapted from the original list. So, a few days ago I was inspired to make my own list of simple ways to stay creative (adapted from above), which I keep pinned on my inspiration / treasure […]

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Photography Challenge v9 Winner

Announcing our two favorites (and two winners) of this month’s Photo Challenge.  We asked you to show us your images that seemed to speak of Summertime, and you didn’t disappoint! Congratulations to yarnattacks and cmhalsey74 for these sweet summery photos: Both of you lucky ladies win these gorgeous senior templates from Leah over at LCH […]

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It’s Alright

Oh mamas! It has been one of those weeks. Not bad, necessarily, or even frantic, just mixed up and “we are SO out of our routine and must figure this out ASAP” weeks. I suppose the start of summer can be like that. We were blessed with company for the first two weeks after preschool […]

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seven ways to sabbath.

At the first church my husband and I attended as a married couple, one of our pastors used to wear a pin that read, “keep the sabbath.” She felt strongly that having a day set aside for rest and worship was imperative to our health – both spiritual and otherwise. As an early 20-something this […]

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Make Ahead Pancakes

  Long before I had children, I envisioned myself waking my little babies up from 12 hours of sound sleep, and welcoming them to the day with a freshly made stack of pancakes and fresh squeezed orange juice.  I would have my teeth brushed and be dressed (with makeup no less) for the day.  Then […]

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A Simpler State of Mind

As you know by now, this month on The Creative Mama we are talking about Simple Living. When I think of living simply, my mind conjures images of clotheslines and gardens, cooking wholesome foods from scratch, ditching the TV, and riding bicycles. Of course all of these are great and can contribute to a simpler […]

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10 Green Goals for 2011: An Update

Six months ago, I outlined 10 goals I had relating to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.  Here we are, almost half way through the year (can you believe it?) and I wanted to review and update my goals. More cloth, less paper. Although I thought this would be one of the hardest goals to achieve, […]

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