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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Pin-tastrophes: Pinterest Projects Gone Wrong.

By now you have certainly heard of (and more likely, fallen head over heels for) Pinterest, the remarkable visual bookmarking site that is sweeping the social scene. I was one of the earlier adopters and can barely imagine my online life without it. Need a recipe? Check Pinterest. Gift idea? Pinterest. Grumpy toddler? A Pinterest […]

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outwork your talent.

Last night, my husband and I were in the car, and he was telling me about his day. He told me about a speaker that came to his class and said, “the successful people in this world are the ones that outwork their talent”. It got me to thinking about how very true this statement […]

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Be Selfish

That’s right, I said it — Be Selfish.  When it comes to your creative life, who do you create for?  Be honest.  Has it gotten away from you?  Are you creating for clients?  Creating for family members?  Creating for your children?  Did making those home-made valentines for you child’s classmates feel your soul?  Did that […]

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Just Say No

This past month has been an incredible time in my blogging career. God has opened doors I’d never even imagined. Exciting opportunities have been coming my way. New blogs, new projects, consulting opportunities, conferences, chances to become partners with awesome people…all good stuff. What I need to remember now is that not all good things […]

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DIY Indoor Succulent Garden

I remember calling my mom a few weeks after moving into my very first apartment and asking her how to keep a plant alive. Within a few weeks, my 21 year old self had managed to off several. Her answer: “Get a succulent.” More than a decade later, the succulent is still my favorite plant […]

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Weekend Links: February 18th Edition

I love Valentine’s Day. My mom always made Valentine’s Day very special, and now I do the same for my children. Sometimes, I feel that my efforts go unnoticed, but this year was different. The kids came home from school and saw a decorated Valentine’s Day table, with these adorable chair backers. Ava ran over […]

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