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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Balancing My Schedule to Find Myself

The following piece was submitted recently to The Simply Stated Blogger Contest for Real Simple magazine in response to the question:  What was the most difficult thing you had to give up in order to balance your schedule?  It wasn’t selected as a finalist (sniff, sniff); on the upside, though, I am now free to share […]

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How To Get A Life (List) + Printable

While on a recent road trip, a girlfriend and I started talking about dreams. After I rambled on for awhile, I asked her about her own.  The conversation went something like this: me: “What do you dream about? What do you want to do, someday?  When the kids leave the house, what are you thinking?” […]

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Blographer, New York!

Hi there fellow creative mamas/bloggers/photographers/crafters/world changers! I (Erin) asked for special permission to hop on today and personally invite each of you to join me in New York City next week. Yes, YOU! See me down there in that panel, fourth blogger over from the left? That’s me hoping to see you at Adorama’s Blographer […]

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Garlic Rose Relish

When it comes to places and things, there are no two things I adore more than San Francisco and garlic. Enter my favorite garlic themed restaurant, The Stinking Rose. I love it so that in all of the restaurants in San Francisco, it is the first my husband and I visited on our anniversary trip […]

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My Favorite Things | July 2012

I thought I’d leave you to your weekend with a few of my favorite things from recent days.  Here’s what I’m loving… …besides all the rain we’ve been getting here in Florida, of course.  We like to open our doors and watch the rain fall outside.  Some days the rain cools the temps for us, […]

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In Need Of A Office/Loft Redesign

Right now, I am in the planning phases of our next organizing project. This is our current office/book/loft space. Besides being a mess at the current time, this space has lots of problems. Notice the huge desk and chair that are blocking access to the bookshelf behind it. Our desktop computer used to reside on […]

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How to Shop the Farmers’ Market

‘Tis the season for summer’s bounty.  The time of year I dream about in the depths of Nebraska winters, longing for fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables.  A visit to the farmers’ market has become a regular part of our summer weekends.  Not only is it a great way to get the freshest of local produce, […]

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