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A Day in the Life: A New Rhythm

Six weeks ago, we welcomed our second little boy, Isaac, into the world. This month and a half has been an incredibly precious time for our family, but also one of huge adjustments. When my husband went back to work and I found myself at home for 12 hours at a time with a newborn and a three year old, I began to wonder if life would ever not feel chaotic and often just completely impossible. It is getting a bit easier already though, and I’m figuring out things I can do to make the days go more smoothly. I am also giving myself as much grace as possible as we find our new rhythm as a family of four, knowing that there is so much beauty in the chaos.

So while there is no such thing as a “typical” or “normal” day around here right now, this is one day in my life recently. Still on maternity leave, I am grateful to be able to give my family all of my attention and savor these first months of Isaac’s life, knowing he will grow much too fast just as his brother has. Every moment with them is infinitely precious.

8:02am – While I have the 1/2 cup of coffee I allow myself while nursing, Seth eats his waffles- with a couple of cars to keep him company of course.

10:04am – Because we can only spend so much time indoors, and yet I haven’t yet mastered venturing out with both boys on my own, we go to the back yard. I weed and water our little herb garden while Seth plays in his sandbox and Isaac enjoys the fresh air.

10:45am – With Isaac snuggled in the Moby wrap (his favorite place to be), we head out for a walk in the neighborhood. I find that even some light exercise helps me stay sane and gives me energy.

12:18pm – After lunch, Seth (rather unwillingly) goes down for a nap. I attempt to nap with the baby, but as usual he prefers to be awake and alert during his brother’s naptime. We enjoy some one-on-one interaction and quiet time.

2:43pm – With the baby napping and big boy playing in his room, I attempt to take a little time to recharge with a cup of tea and some reading material. While it only lasts about 15 or 20 minutes this time, that bit of quiet helps to refresh my mind a bit.

3:59pm – Some days I rely on my slow cooker to enable me to get dinner on the table, but today I chose a meal I can prep a bit earlier (before the evening craziness ensues) and have ready when we need it. I learned quickly that planning to cook at the typical before-dinner time is asking for stress- everyone is fussy at that time of day, so I plan meals that allow the work to be done in advance.

6:42pm – Seth plays with cars while we wait for daddy to come home.
8:34pm – Snuggled in bed, we’ve made it through another day, which always feels like a big accomplishment.

About Hannah

Hannah Mayo is a lifestyle photographer, telling the stories of families and couples in South Florida and beyond. She is a free spirit and lover of adventure, head-over-heels for her husband and two sons. She loves writing, coffee, the ocean, travel, yoga, fresh flowers, sun on her shoulders, passionate people, a fresh new journal, antique shops, seashells, avocados, Polaroids... finding beauty in simple and everyday things, and sharing what she finds.

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  • Hlcrichardson

    I too have a new born and a 4 year old so I can relate to you on surviving the days! When both boys are in bed and the house is quiet at night I feel like I have conquered the world until the chaos begins the next day!!!! Good luck and God bless!

  • Karlee Pytlarz

    Thanks for sharing! :) I can relate all too well with our 6 week old twin girls and a 18 month old son. Life is chaotic but absolutely wouldn’t change a thing! :)

  • ellen breiner

    Thank you for sharing your day in the life! As I am soon approaching being a mom of a 2 year old and a baby girl. Helps to hear someone who is taking it in stride. Way to go momma!