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A Day in the Life: styleberry simple.

Two months ago I could have written an article called “how to have a two year old and plenty of time to yourself, too.” But then…I had a baby. The baby that made us a family of four. A baby that screamed and screamed and was the complete opposite of my angel of a two year old, who made me think newborns were a piece of cake. So yes. The old me who thought she had it alllll figured out has been bobbing for air.

But then one day. It came. As it always does. My air, as it turns out, is simply removing chocolate from my diet. This turned my exclusively breastfed boy into a nighttime sleeper. & then. Just for a moment, I thought I could survive. Finally I was getting more than one hour of sleep at a time. Three! Three hours! Oh, what a mother can do on three straight hours of sleep with a newborn & a toddler in the house!

So alas. My day in the life.

Life sure looks different right now. It looks chaotic. And tiring. And a bit messy. All of these things completely opposite from life before 2.22.12. The day my sweet baby boy made his grand entrance. But we are surviving & I have two new loves. One, my baby boy, of course. But the second: INSTAGRAM.

Yep. This mama is an iPhone snapping machine…because right now, photoshop & I are most certainly not getting along. We will again someday. & I will get to those fancy pictures that I am clicking on a daily-ish basis. But right now, I’m sticking to keeping life simple. Capturing the memories with the piece of equipment that I most often have by my side. Then sharing it with my family, including my sweet grandma who informed me (while we were face-timing, nonetheless) that the first thing she does in the morning is get up, turn on her iPad & check my instagram feed for new pictures. If that doesn’t make using this app worth it…I don’t know what does.

So my day in the life is straight from my iPhone! I have been so inspired from some of my insta-friends. iPhone images can be incredibly beautiful. & I am striving to make mine as good as I can. I am really surprised that sometimes, I love my iPhone instagram images as much or more than those from my big ‘ol fancy camera. Go figure. So here’s my day. & all our crazy!

8:48 am: I’ll pretend our day started at this time. even though it started at 2am. 😉 he’s always so peaceful after his first meal in the glowy morning light!

9:08 am: getting myself ready before I go wake my little miss. it’s an errands & exercise day. But getting ready is important!

9:27 am: rise & shine princess caroline. if you didn’t stay up playing in your room until 10:30 every night, the day would start a lot earlier! (but thank goodness it doesn’t!)

9:37 am. 9:48 am. 9:51 am.

breakfast. standing. yummy.

11:04 am: fiesta farm with our MOPS group. wouldn’t touch the piggies because they were too “dew-ty.”:)

12:05 pm: self portrait while I nurse in the front seat. she plays with apps.

12:24 pm: happy everett. happy mommy. getting my latte. at starbucks in target. heaven.

12:57 pm: soooooo inspired by Joy. Let the fun begin.

1:15 pm: can’t keep her hands off her brother. who I can’t keep happy out of the moby. 😉

[lunch happened somewhere in here…]

2:08 pm: pre-nap snuggles. gosh, I love my iPhone!

5:02 pm: adoring. contemplating.

5:08 pm: in she goes! smiles for sissy are always the best.

5:43 pm: picture perfect day in South Texas! time to play outside while we still can.

5:47 pm: so perfect…it put him to sleep.

6:27 pm: BOB time. as a fam. a very rare treat.

[dinner happened somewhere in here too…we don’t mess around with food! No time to snap any pictures!]

7:25 pm: the only other place besides the moby that he likes to be.

7:29 pm: toesies!

7:48 pm: FuzziBunz OS Elite. Super trim on my 14 pounder. yes. you read that right. 😉

8:44 pm: one of our faves! nite nite for the missy moo.

9:39 pm: ssshhhhhhh. quiet house. time for mama to work.

10:26 pm: now that is a pretty sight. summer infant sleek & secure. love it.

10:33 pm: stylebabyLOGs are shipping again tomorrow. this week they’re headed to four different countries. yea!

11:21 pm: & it’s time to shut down the computer. 😀

Eight weeks ago you would have found me easily staying up until two or three in the morning getting all my work done, but these days…well…life it a little different. I’m usually still up until about midnight or so (nightowl for life!) but my computer time is at a minimum these days. I’ll be back to blogging full swing soon. But for now, my babies deserve my full attention. This is such a short season & my last one with a newborn so I am breaking all the rules. Holding too much. Snuggling instead of doing my chores. Neglecting my inbox. I just know I’ll never regret it.

But thank heaven for Instagram.:)

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

“The best camera…is the one you have with you.”

I could not agree more.

(& you can find me IGing as miss_shawna; all pics here were processed in IG & some were blogged using either picstitch or picframe)

About Shawna

Despite days full of washing diapers & messy fun, Shawna is determined to make mommyhood a stylish adventure. Married to the military & mother to one feisty girl and a snuggly little dude, she is a passionate DIYer & loves sharing how to make the complicated simple. Shawna talks creativity, style, food, decorating, green-chic living & mommyhood at styleberryBLOG, a daily-ish dose of something fab.

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  • Jenny

    This is so perfect for us mothers who feel bad for leaving the house work for later just to spend time with our little ones. Never regret all those snuggles and spoiling! You’re right, it only lasts a short time, babies dont keep!! :)

  • Rachaelsbrown

    Love it! You make everything look easy to the outsider and I can tell from your blog you are the best mom! If you love Instagram, try this new free app which is awesome…its called hiku. Think instagram and itunes had a baby. You snap pictures and put music to your songs…your grandma will loving waking up to those soundtracks!

  • Heather :) :) :)

    I just love Instragram photos. Yours came out really cute :) :) Oh, and I’m super happy that Instragram is now available on the Android market, too :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :) :) :)

  • Jamieglind

    Thank you for this. I feel bad sometimes being a photographer and never having time to take pics of my 18m twins. I need to keep it simple and use my phone more.

  • Hannah Mayo

    I love this post Shawna! I too have been using Instagram so much since becoming a mom of two, and am so thankful for its simplicity.

  • Lesli Peterson

    Brilliant article. Love it. I have a 3 yr old and am prego with a baby boy (at 38!!). I’ve noticed the shift from DSLR to Instgram, too. Just love this post. Thanks for sharing.