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A Day in the Life: Without Daddy


7:22 am:  My babies like to snuggle in the crib to read books.  It gives me a few minutes to start a load of laundry and make the beds.  Somehow, starting the day with these two tasks complete makes me feel more put together.

9:30 am: With the kids happy to play with their friends, I meet with a group of ladies for Bible study.  Coffee and chatty women = food for the soul.

12:30 pm:  While the youngest naps, I spend time some one-on-one time with the oldest.  We go through coins and dollar bills, examining what they say and naming the President’s on each coin.   Her curiosity + my love for learning makes this a favorite part of my day.

2:30 pm: When daddy travels, I always take the kids to do something special.  We head to Sonic for Happy Hour: 50 cent slushes.

5:00 pm: Another “day without daddy” treat: macaroni and cheese.  A night without making a big meal is a treat for me, too.

6:00 pm: An hour of fresh air and exercise is just what the doctor ordered.

8:00 pm:  The kids go to bed easily after some hard play. I’m grateful since I’m on my own for bedtime.  I work on getting clothes ready for a consignment sale.  I’m sending 5 years worth of clothes. Am I really done having kids? Sigh.

10:00 pm: Ice cream earned.


About Tiffany

Tiffany Larson is a wife to one wonderful husband and proud mama of two very busy children. They spend their free time in the outdoors on the snow, water, road or dirt. She is passionate about green living and dragging her family along the journey with her! Tiffany can be found writing at Mommy Goes Green.

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  • Faith R

    Love these Instagrams :) what Bible study book are you using?

    • Tiffany

      Hi Faith, we are doing Brave by Angela Thomas!

  • Audrey – This Little Street

    Ice cream weel deserved indeed. my husband travels a lot too, so I have days alone with the kids. At first it was hard but I’m glad that it gets easier with practice!

  • Vanessa @ Strickly Speaking

    Wow that’s a lot of clothes! That was like us doing the big purge before moving to Africa! I can relate to the “day without Daddy” post as my husband has gone away for a few days here and there and in the next few months (with me going into my third trimester!) he’ll be gone for just over 2 weeks in July plus a few other shorter trips before then.