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A Ring of Memories

When I was pregnant with my first child, I saved all the cards congratulating us on our pregnancy.  I thought I might reuse them down the road for a project like framing them for the nursery or making a calendar.  I continued to collect cards from the birth and then the first birthday and many more after that.  There were Valentine’s Day cards from school parties and Easter cards from grandparents.  My collection of cards continued to grow. 

Then one day my daughter discovered the collection and it became her collection.  Her friends.  Her memories.

She would sit on the floor pulling them out of the box, one by one.  Opening the card, she took extra delight in anything that popped up or made a sound.  She would ask me who gave her the card and more about our relationship with them.  We would talk about how I knew the person and how they were special in our lives.  She formed her own connection with the cards and the people.

We continued to grow the collection through birthdays and holidays and had quite a box of cards that were often pulled out and strewn all over her bedroom.  I began to find them under her bed or in the book box.  And because I’m just a tad Type A, I decided a little organization was needed.

And the Ring of Cards was born.

With a hole punch and a box of book rings from the office supply store, we assembled several Ring of Cards.  I would punch the holes and my daughter would put them on a ring.  Once they were assembled, she could easily flip through the cards, open the ones she wanted and we could walk down memory lane once again.  That card is from your Auntie Sonja.  She lives in Arkansas.  She’s been mama’s best friend since college.  We miss her!

Now that we’re moving to a city 200 miles away, we’ll pull out the Ring of Cards to help her cherish four years at our last home where she gathered cards from friends and family.  Ones we won’t see every day anymore.  And ones I hope the Ring of Cards will help her not to forget.

About Tiffany

Tiffany Larson is a wife to one wonderful husband and proud mama of two very busy children. They spend their free time in the outdoors on the snow, water, road or dirt. She is passionate about green living and dragging her family along the journey with her! Tiffany can be found writing at Mommy Goes Green.

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  • z

    I do this tooooo!! They can make you happy when you feel sad and are a beautiful way to reflect on all the love that surrounds us! check it out

  • Veronica

    This is what I was waiting for!! Thanks so much for sharing !! I also kept every card for the hope to make a little proyect and to remember and this one sounds perfect to me! Is so great that your girl is enjoying it!

  • The Rancher’s Wife Kate

    This is such a great idea!!! I love it. I have so many cards, and this is a great way to keep them “organized” and still allow the kids to play with them.

  • MelissaF

    Great idea! I’ve got tons of cards that I’ve kept over the years, like you hoping for a cool project that I could re-use them for. I think I just found one :-)