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Amy Bader is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. A photography course in high school sent her to college with a journalism degree in mind, but some surprises along the way led to a career in veterinary medicine. Motherhood has brought things full circle, and now she is concentrating on her photography, finding her creative self and expressing the joys in life. When she isn’t chasing her boy/girl twins, helping her older son with homework, washing the dog, or cooking a meal -- she is probably watching some new tutorial or dreaming of art supplies. It’s a crazy life, but a good one.

Loved It (22nd Edition)

The sun is setting earlier and every moment of warmth is being savored. Summer is waning.   I love fall.  It is my favorite season.  My personal “new year.” A time of fresh beginnings. I’ve already painted two doors, am planning a new fence for our backyard and working on moving a home renovation project […]

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When I grow up …

I still can’t believe that, technically, I am grown up.  Imagine that. A darling friend of mine talked a bit recently about feeling rather unmoored and how unexpected that feeling was to her.  Having always had an expectation that by a certain age she would know how exactly her life should be.  This, I could […]

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Taking on a Furry Challenge

Years ago, I was a practicing small animal veterinarian.  When we started our family, I took some time off and somehow I’ve been home ever since.  In all that time, we’ve only ever had one dog.  As a young couple, of course we had a fur baby first, a rottweiler puppy.  Cain was a wonderful […]

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