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Amy Bader is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. A photography course in high school sent her to college with a journalism degree in mind, but some surprises along the way led to a career in veterinary medicine. Motherhood has brought things full circle, and now she is concentrating on her photography, finding her creative self and expressing the joys in life. When she isn’t chasing her boy/girl twins, helping her older son with homework, washing the dog, or cooking a meal -- she is probably watching some new tutorial or dreaming of art supplies. It’s a crazy life, but a good one.

DIY Disasters

I’ve been trying to share more of my DIY projects here at The Creative Mama … but it isn’t going so well!  Last month I ran out of a critical supply for my art display, and this month’s project wasn’t without glitches either — but I’m here to share, cause we like to keep it […]

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Art Display

With two kids in kindergarten, I am drowning in art work.  There are lots of great ideas for preserving and saving our kids’ creations, but I’ve been struggling with display.  Right now my little ones want nothing more than to show off all that hard work they have been doing all day in school. A […]

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Loved It! (7th edition)

Image by Angela Hendrix-Petry  Hoping those of you who have been facing the storms and bitter cold are finally getting a break and are safe and warm in your cozy home!  I, for one, and tremendously relieved to be celebrating temperatures approaching the 50s this weekend! Trying to get through these winter blues, I’ve been […]

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One Month In

We are one month into the new year. One whole month has flown by. Today I decided to look back and see if I’ve been making the most of the one little word I chose for 2014 — moments. There have been many moments since the month has begun, both good and not-so-good ones. So […]

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  “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language And next year’s words await another voice.” T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets While I am a photographer, I have long been a writer, and so words are very important to me.  Five years ago I learned about picking one little word for the new year.  I’ve […]

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You’ve Got Mail

I have a confession — I am a trash picker.  Yes, a dumpster diver.  A slam-on-the-breaks-to-check-out-what-is-on-the-curb girl.  Our first couch was off the curb in the Art Museum district of Philadelphia — great piece, bad upholstery.  Entire slipcover, and viola!  Most of our dressers come second hand … thank you coat of paint!  For awhile […]

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