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Bree is the founder and writer of, a recipe site that shares her love of cooking, baking, and entertaining with others. launched in February of 2010 as a way to merge Bree’s love of photography with her love of food, and share both with friends and family. Currently, Bree lives in the suburbs of Washington DC with her husband and 3 children.

DIY Sugar Bubbles and Butterfly Food

Now that spring is finally here, we have been spending lots of time outside playing. Fresh air feels so good after being stuck inside for months. My littlest one is home from school at lunchtime, so we have been soaking up our last afternoons together before he goes to kindergarten next year. Short, easy, crafts […]

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Rolo Brownies

What do you do when you have an almost full bag of Rolos that you need to use up? You make brownies and stud them with Rolos. And people will thank you for it, I guarantee. This bronwie recipe is my go-to brownie recipe these days. I like that it is super easy to make, […]

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5 Ways to Drink More Water

I have a problem. I drink an obscene amount of Diet Coke. I should say that I used to have a problem. These days, I have dramatically lowered that amount of soda that I drink and have replaced it with water. I am not going to lie, the first day was hard. But the second […]

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Shamrock Shakes

My children love St. Patrick’s Day. They like to build leprechaun traps and eat green foods. We like to make Rainbow Cupcakes, and it would not be the same without Irish Potatoes. I was found these adorable paper straws at Target the other day and knew that I needed to make green milkshakes to go […]

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Quick and Easy Brownies

With Valentine’s Day this week, I figured that we all needed a little chocolate in our lives. Don’t you agree? This quick and easy brownie is just that, quick and easy. So easy in fact, that the other night, I was in a really grumpy mood and I whipped these up while I was finishing […]

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Winter Wonderland

You’re a parent. You’ve been there. You know that feeling of disbelief that comes in that moment when you have given your child a gift that comes in a big box, only to find that they are more interested in the box than the gift itself. This is especially true for younger kiddos. Why it […]

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Blogging for Photographers – A Clickinmoms Breakout Session

Blogging is hands down the best thing that has happened to me in my professional life. Blogging gave me a place where I could merge my love of words, photography, and eventually cooking, together. It did not start out that way, and in the beginning, it seemed overwhelming and scary. I am not going to […]

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