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Hannah Mayo is a lifestyle photographer, telling the stories of families and couples in South Florida and beyond. She is a free spirit and lover of adventure, head-over-heels for her husband and two sons. She loves writing, coffee, the ocean, travel, yoga, fresh flowers, sun on her shoulders, passionate people, a fresh new journal, antique shops, seashells, avocados, Polaroids... finding beauty in simple and everyday things, and sharing what she finds.

Heeding Inspiration

This Wednesday was a bit crazy. My older boy had been stuck at home sick for several days, I had a busy work week, more potential buyers are coming to see our house, and the list goes on. As I was making dinner, I looked up and saw my son playing on the sofa in […]

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Talking yourself out of growth

I think that we probably all have a mental category of things we think we’re unable to do. I hear it frequently in conversations with friends: “I’m not disciplined enough for _____”, “I’m just not good with _____”, or “_____ will just never come naturally to me.” When I started a business five years ago, […]

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Thoughts on the First Five Years

Today is my son Seth’s birthday—marking five years since I became a mother. Five years seems like such a big milestone—I remember feeling when he was a baby that it was so far off, and yet here we are. Time flew by (everyone tells you it will, when you become a parent, but you don’t […]

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loved it! (5th edition)

image by Katy Tuttle It’s still a little bit surreal to me that 2014 is actually here—is anyone else feeling the same? With the start of a brand new year I always find myself yearning for a clean slate and new levels of simplicity and focus. While I’m often wary of “resolutions,” I do want to […]

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tradition for a warm christmas

The Best of The Creative Mama [Holiday Edition] This article written by Hannah was originally posted on 12-06-11. Growing up here in South Florida, I always wished like crazy that by some fluke of nature we would get some snow in December. I simply knew that, just like in the movies, it would somehow add […]

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Every Step Matters

Among my friends, I’ve always been known as a bit of a health nut. I was the vegan teenager, the crunchy mama, the lady who loves green juice. But I have to confess that certain healthy habits simply don’t come naturally to me, and I know I am not the only one. I recently noticed […]

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Seeking Stillness

When was the last time you were completely still, just existing in quiet with only your thoughts to occupy you? Did you feel the urge to reach for your phone or something to read or do to fill the moment? I know that for me, simply doing nothing does not come naturally. I think there […]

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