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Tisha often refers to herself as the most Un-traditional Traditionalist she knows. A homeschooling, gardening, color-loving, photographer - Tisha currently resides in Virginia with her husband and two children. Her fabulous work can be viewed on her website, Tisha McCuiston Photography.

My kitchen is going to the dogs!

Ok I knew the day I saw this adorable little puppy that he was going to be high maintenance.  Little did I know just how “high maintenance”.  Good thing I love him So last month when he started getting sick after every single dry dog food meal I knew that my life was going to […]

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The Unschooling Closet

Uh-Oh, did someone say “unschooling”? Quick…what was the first thing that popped in your mind? Let me guess….those kids and families they always show on Wifeswap? (not that any of us really will fess up to watching Wifeswap…lol! Unruly, wild children with no boundaries, limits or rules? That family on Good Morning America last week […]

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Starting from Scratch {Recycled}

{This article was originally published October 6, 2009} Do you ever wonder what life was like for your grandmother’s all those years ago?  It must have been hard… right?  We have all of these great conveniences at our disposal.  I for one could not  live without my washing machine or dishwasher!  We can walk into […]

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Comfort Food Makes Me Happy!

We’re giving Marta the day off from Friday Finds, tune in next week for some fab features! I love the saying: “I wasn’t born in the South but I got here as soon as I could!” For me it sums it up. I am Ohio born but now I am in Virginia and I love […]

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Cabin Fever and all that good stuff….

It’s that time of the year… The time when Winter is just draggggggiiiiiiinnnnngggg. Feels like it may never come to an end. This year in Virginia we have had a lovely El Nino year which means crazy amounts of snow. Did I mention Virginia has zero idea what to do with snow? If a snowflake […]

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It’s a bit complicated….

What is the first question your child gets when he or she meets a new person? Normally it goes towards “What grade are you in?” pretty fast. My kids always look at me at this point with this face that says “Mom, what grade am I in?”. See when you are a homeschool kid the […]

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Food for a Lucky New Year

Seriously…2010?! When did that happen? How did that happen? How in the world do I slow down my world just a bit? Guess I am probably not going to get that to happen. Every year for the last 9 years we have had children and that means our days of going “out on the town” […]

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