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Be Selfish

That’s right, I said it — Be Selfish.  When it comes to your creative life, who do you create for?  Be honest.  Has it gotten away from you?  Are you creating for clients?  Creating for family members?  Creating for your children?  Did making those home-made valentines for you child’s classmates feel your soul?  Did that quilt you made for last month’s baby shower spark your excitement?  That wonderfully decorated living room — be honest, is a little bit to show off to your friends and family.  That amazing home-cooked dish you took to the last potluck — it was to demonstrate your skills and please the guests.  Living a creative life often means sharing your gifts (literally sometimes) with others.

I decided to make something for myself.  Purely for ME.  And one way to be sure it was only for me?  It’s a sweater.  Knit specifically to my size.

This has made me happy.  I’m not saying you can’t be inspired by that necklace you made as a birthday gift, or that you can’t enjoy the delicious desert from Sunday dinner.  But how long has it been since you planned a project solely for your own interests and your own enjoyment?  You should.  Today.  Pick something simple and easy and quick.  Maybe something outside of your typical creative life (I am a novice knitter).  I don’t care what that silly groundhog said this year … spring is just around the corner.  So while there are still some cold nights to stay indoors … pick a project for YOUYou won’t regret it.

About Amy

Amy Bader is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. A photography course in high school sent her to college with a journalism degree in mind, but some surprises along the way led to a career in veterinary medicine. Motherhood has brought things full circle, and now she is concentrating on her photography, finding her creative self and expressing the joys in life. When she isn’t chasing her boy/girl twins, helping her older son with homework, washing the dog, or cooking a meal -- she is probably watching some new tutorial or dreaming of art supplies. It’s a crazy life, but a good one.

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  • Siobhan Wolf Shaffer

    I am working out just how to create a clothesline display over my mantle where I can hang photos, words, and other small art pieces that inspire me. I can’t wait to get it installed. Just trying to figure out how to best hang the clothesline from the wall. 😀 This is totally for me!

  • Staci Lee

    Such good advice. Lovely post.