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Busy Bags

A few months ago, Crystal at Money Saving Mom, talked about a ‘Busy Bag Swap’ she had participated in.  I had never heard of busy bags but I was intrigued by the thought of having a bunch of ziploc bags with a game or simple project to keep my five year old, well, busy.

I signed up for a Busy Bag Swap, where a group of 30 moms from all over the country swap busy bags for children of similar ages.  My daughter and I put together 30 busy bags for our project, using a foam ruler to measure the length of different objects, and mailed them to the swap coordinator.  Once she received busy bags from all the other moms, each family received a large box of 30 different busy bags.

We recently received our box filled to the brim and my daughter was thrilled!  There is everything from magnet exploration to pattern matching to games we can play as a family.  We’ve been using them while my son is napping or while I’m starting dinner, two times that I like to keep her busy but am available to help, if needed.

Brenda at Unsolicited Advice regularly hosts Busy Bag Swaps for children ages 1 to second grade. If you are interested in participating in the next swap, make sure you get on her list as they fill up quickly.  You can read the guidelines on her site and once you are signed up, the coordinator will provide detailed instructions on participating.

If you aren’t interested in participating in a national swap, you could also arrange one with your mom’s group, preschool or church group.  If I had known about busy bags, I would have done one years ago! It’s a couple hours of work for many more hours of fun and learning.

Have you ever participated in a Busy Bag Swap?  What are some of your favorite busy bags?

About Tiffany

Tiffany Larson is a wife to one wonderful husband and proud mama of two very busy children. They spend their free time in the outdoors on the snow, water, road or dirt. She is passionate about green living and dragging her family along the journey with her! Tiffany can be found writing at Mommy Goes Green.

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  • BBAddict

    What was included in your swap bags? Would love more ideas.

  • Cuttin’ Up

    What a great idea! May suggest to my Mom’s Connection group.

  • Cuttin’ Up

    What a great idea! May suggest to my Mom’s Connection group.