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Capture your Everyday: A Photo Project

Last summer, I found myself with a rare afternoon alone. I had decided since we were nearing the half year mark, it was a good time to sift through some images on my computer to use later for my year end family yearbook.

As I sat down and moved through folders and dropped them into my external hard drive, it was hard not to notice how many images were not of my family. The ones I had taken were left unedited to make room for time to edit client’s images. I had been warned by friends that were also photographers about never finding the time to shoot for themselves or edit their own work but I had dismissed their warnings and pledged to myself that I’d never stop the priceless documentation of my family. Here I was 6 months into my business, faced with the stark reality that that is exactly what I had done. I had become complacent with the documentation of my family. It hurt and it made my overwhelmingly sad; I felt like a trader. I was stuck in reverse.

After much thought, some inspiration and a long hot bath, I decided there was a way to be a mom and an artist. After all, separating the two was not doing me any favors. With some big help from friends, a tiny project appropriately named “10 on 10” was conceived. The premise of our 10 on 10 project is to choose one day of the month and document it from morning to night. We choose our favorite 10 images that tell the story of our day best and post on the 10th of each month in a blog circle. The images dedicated to this project are not technically perfect like you may expect from a group of photographers. Instead, its a walk through our imperfect days finding beauty in the simplest with our families, friends or simply ourselves.

Forward to almost one year later, 10 has branched out and been adopted by many photographers, both hobbyists and pros. It seems that many of us out there were equally troubled with the loss of the everyday storytelling of our families. I have since stopped shooting professionally to spend more time with my three wee ones and I credit the 10 on 10 project for keeping the relationship with me and photography alive. Given my Type A personality, “scheduling” an entire day focused on the perfect blend of family and photography has made me even more committed to my craft. I now have enough images for my year end family book and then some. Every one of the photos from my 10 project is a treasure to me and had I not designated this day to bring my camera literally everywhere, I would have probably missed them.

We would love you to come check out our last few blog circles to see the different takes on the project. Just click the links below and follow the link to the next project at the bottom of the post. If you participate in this project or plan to, please leave your link below in the comments section so we can follow along!

April 10 on 10
March 10 on 10
February 10 on 10


About Shannon

Shannon Harrison is a modern freestyle portrait and wedding photographer living near San Diego, California with her best friend/husband and 3 wild wee ones by her side. When shes not hanging with her clients from JACKANDRUBYstudios, you will find this homebody in the kitchen baking something drizzled with caramel or perusing the aisles of Target. Known to pull out her beloved Nikon at the local grocery store or a family bike ride, Shannon finds inspiration just about anywhere. She encourages photographers and hobbyists alike to focus on personal projects and their families to drive creativity. After all, no one can see your family the way you do.

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  • Liz P

    I love this project Shannon – it’s by far my favorite one this year. It’s helped me to capture moments with my family that I would have let pass by otherwise. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Pamela Zmija

    I just found this and am very interested in participating!!! :)

  • Tabitha

    I just found this today, and can’t wait to start participating.

  • Clair Dickson

    sorry, please remove

  • Clair Dickson

    LOVE< LOVE<LOVE! It really is those everyday images that end up being the most telling, the most treasured. I found this out when I started a "slices of life" album for my hubby while he was deployed to Iraq. I wanted to capture those pieces of home that he so likely missed. Those are my favorite photos (and most were taken with a very low end camera phone.) I have been wanting to continue the tradition now that my hubby is home but haven't found the motivation… until now! I want to do this! I would be glad to organize blogging groups for those who want to do this, (unless TCM already has something in place.) So mamas, email me at before the end of the month and we could be blogging our own 10 on 10 in May :)

  • Robyn

    I would love to be apart of this! I am not a professional photographer yet, but if that’s ok! How does it all work exactly?!

  • Audrey – This Little Street

    Capturing the everyday…..that’s my favorite thing to do. These ARE the special moments, after all. I don’t technically do the 10*10….but I guess I’ve had my camera sorta glued to my hand so the result is that :) My personal blog is here:

    In ‘n Out – The French Import

    • shannon

      So glad you linked up Audrey. Your blog is so fun and your perspective of your children is pretty cool :) That shot of your girls on the bean bag is a “framer”.

  • Imene

    I have been following the 10 on 10 forever and I so want to join!! Please add me to the project.

    • shannon

      Awesome Imene! If you have a blog go ahead and link it up here so we can follow. If not, no worries at all. Just go ahead and do it on your own to share with your family in a book or album :)