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Food Photography 101: Styling

Food styling is something that I’ve struggled to learn the basics of over the short time I’ve been food blogging.  Unlike the more precise, technical aspects of photography, like learning to use the manual settings on your camera, food styling relies a lot on gut instinct, practice, and a lot of trial and error. So, […]

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Food Photography 101: Lighting

Food photography is increasingly a part of everyone’s lives, whether you’re a professional photographer, food blogger, or avid foodie.  Pictures of what we eat fill our Instagram feeds, Facebook pages and Pinterest boards.  But anyone who has held up a camera or an iPhone to a perfect-looking stack of pancakes knows that it can be a bit […]

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6 Trendy Ways to Upcycle Clip On Earrings

The Creative Mama welcomes Brianna Balesso, a business and journalism graduate, with a guest post full of fun ideas to embellish your wardrobe. Clip on earrings are easy to upcycle.  Because they are super affordable and come in so many great designs, clip on earrings can be used to add a fashionable flair to your […]

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How to Turn Your Hobby into a Successful Side Business: Part 2

The following is the second in a three part series of guest posts from jewelry maker and marketing expert Lisa Jacobs.  If you have a craft or hobby that you love to recreate, you can turn it into a second income for your family! The last time I visited The Creative Mama, I shared my own journey into creative business and a […]

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