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DIY Disasters

I’ve been trying to share more of my DIY projects here at The Creative Mama … but it isn’t going so well!  Last month I ran out of a critical supply for my art display, and this month’s project wasn’t without glitches either — but I’m here to share, cause we like to keep it […]

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6 Trendy Ways to Upcycle Clip On Earrings

The Creative Mama welcomes Brianna Balesso, a business and journalism graduate, with a guest post full of fun ideas to embellish your wardrobe. Clip on earrings are easy to upcycle.  Because they are super affordable and come in so many great designs, clip on earrings can be used to add a fashionable flair to your […]

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Art Display

With two kids in kindergarten, I am drowning in art work.  There are lots of great ideas for preserving and saving our kids’ creations, but I’ve been struggling with display.  Right now my little ones want nothing more than to show off all that hard work they have been doing all day in school. A […]

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DIY Chalkboard

At about this point in the winter, I’m kind of over it.  This year has felt especially long and cold.  So how to combat the winter blues?  A good DIY project always lifts my spirits.  While I have a lot of projects in our home that are amongst my favorites, our kitchen chalkboard ranks at […]

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Personalized T-shirts

My son loves bowling. And I mean loves bowling. So for his 4th birthday we took him bowling. I wanted to get him a bowling T-shirt to wear that day, so I started looking on Etsy. I eventually found the perfect bowling design from an Etsy shop that had the cutest iron on transfers. It […]

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Orange and Clove Pomanders

The smell of orange and cloves… I can’t get enough of it!  Each holiday season, my children and I love to make (and sniff) these heavenly scented pomanders and give them as gifts to teachers.  Items you will need: oranges whole cloves 3/8″ – 5/8″ grosgrain ribbon in lengths of about 40 inches a nail […]

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You’ve Got Mail

I have a confession — I am a trash picker.  Yes, a dumpster diver.  A slam-on-the-breaks-to-check-out-what-is-on-the-curb girl.  Our first couch was off the curb in the Art Museum district of Philadelphia — great piece, bad upholstery.  Entire slipcover, and viola!  Most of our dressers come second hand … thank you coat of paint!  For awhile […]

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