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Using your talents to pay it forward

Many artists find great satisfaction when they discover a perfect way to use their skills and talents to “pay it forward.”  It gladdens the heart to create for the sole purpose of helping someone else.  Whether it be a musician bringing cheer to the sick through her voice and guitar, a writer helping a lonely […]

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Remembering the Brave

Today our country celebrates Memorial Day, we remember those brave men and women that have died in active military service. “As a military mom, I know how a simple act of kindness can make a difference to a soldier. It is our sacred duty to honor the service of those who sacrifice for our country […]

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Starting New Traditions

When my first born was a pre-schooler he was fascinated with programs about garbage.  If the library had a DVD about trash, it was in his little hands.  We watched them ALL.  Many times.  After watching footage of  landfills repeatedly, it’s sort of tough not to think twice before you just chuck something into the […]

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Doing Good Work in the World

Fall, for me, has always been an invigorating month—one I pine for after the intense heat and the humidity of summer have sapped my physical energy if not occasionally my spirit.  However, fall now has a new meaning for me.  It was this time last year my son had his first seizure and was subsequently […]

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Making Memories by Helping Others

When I was a little girl, our family attended a tiny country church.  My grandpa (who still attends that church with my grandma) was the choir director.  Every year, on the Saturday before Christmas, he’d recruit my two sisters and I to help him assemble treat bags for the congregation.  We looked forward to this […]

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I am thankful.

Every year, I look forward to November. Fall is in full swing, the calendar loosens up a bit, and I begin to get ready for my absolute favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. Each year, I am reminded that I have much to be thankful for. I have a loving and supportive husband. 3 healthy and beautiful children. […]

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