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What can the arts do for your child?

The Creative Mama welcomes Jessica Socheski with the following informative guest post on a very important subject; children and the arts. Despite school cuts to art programs across the country, most people still recognize the importance of providing growing children with creative outlets for their young minds. Whether it is for the actual physical working […]

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Small Talk, Discussing Art with Little People

Have you assumed that the best discussions about art take place among collectors while nibbling cheese and sipping wine? You will be delightfully surprised to discover what children’s minds have to offer! May I suggest starting with the most basic question, “What is art?” Discussions about the very definition of art will lay a foundation […]

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Kiwi Crate | Let the creativity come to you

There was a time when I would stroll the aisles of Hobby Lobby dreaming up our next craft. We’d leisurely make our way from the paint to the glitter to the ribbon departments and dream up something grand. But then…….. Baby # 2 arrived. & he didn’t sleep much. And his big sister was getting […]

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google art project

I’ve never been to the MOMA, in fact, I’ve never set foot in New York City.  And, please note, they have a rad online gift shop. I digress.  Although I love and appreciate art (and spent a summer studying art history in Florence, Italy), I do not travel to see art shows, art museums, or […]

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How to Organize Your Kids Artwork

Creative mamas foster creative kiddos. And although we truly treasure the masterpieces our budding artists create, let’s face it…without a way to organize and store our children’s artwork, it adds to the clutter in our homes. Here are 5 tips to help all curators of kids’ art. Accumulate. The first step to reigning control over […]

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