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How to Dry Herbs

(This article was originally posted on Oct 17, 2011.) As the days grow shorter and the temperatures cooler our once vibrant garden is slowly fading away.  The tomatoes have been roasted and canned.  The peppers chopped and in the freezer alongside shredded zucchini and strawberries.  The only plants remaining are the herbs. I hate the thought of letting anything […]

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Summer Fruit Cobbler

Have you started back to school yet? We are already into our second week. While I know every year summer seems to fly by, this year in particular felt especially fast.  I’m still holding onto bits of summer, especially when it comes to summer eating.  Our garden remains heavy with tomatoes and herbs, of which I […]

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Peach and White Chocolate Scones…and making new friends

When I was in university, making new friends was as easy as sitting next to someone new in calculus, going to a house party or joining the Neuroscience Society.  I had all the time in the world for my friends; the only thing competing with my dedication to them was my school work, but even […]

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