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#TCMeveryday April Images

It’s beginning to look a lot like spring!  Browsing through all the #TCMeveryday images it looks like you’ve all had a fun month making the most of warm sunshine, blooming flowers, baseball, spring break road trips and finding a bit of beauty in your everyday.  So many wonderful, colorful images sharing the long awaited signs […]

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Food Photography 101: Styling

Food styling is something that I’ve struggled to learn the basics of over the short time I’ve been food blogging.  Unlike the more precise, technical aspects of photography, like learning to use the manual settings on your camera, food styling relies a lot on gut instinct, practice, and a lot of trial and error. So, […]

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Dancing With Light

As a photographer, light is something I am always noticing, always appreciating, always admiring… whether I have my camera in hand or not. I watch how it illuminates, cradles, wraps around, and bathes whatever it touches. As the seasons change, I watch how the light moves and shifts, becoming more and then less and then […]

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Heeding Inspiration

This Wednesday was a bit crazy. My older boy had been stuck at home sick for several days, I had a busy work week, more potential buyers are coming to see our house, and the list goes on. As I was making dinner, I looked up and saw my son playing on the sofa in […]

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Using your talents to pay it forward

Many artists find great satisfaction when they discover a perfect way to use their skills and talents to “pay it forward.”  It gladdens the heart to create for the sole purpose of helping someone else.  Whether it be a musician bringing cheer to the sick through her voice and guitar, a writer helping a lonely […]

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#TCMeveryday March Images

@thewhitekitchenblog   @naomiliester   @joymadeit @jamiefaulkner   @hopskip   @rcjcc @magandastudios   @lifeographer   @maurajoyce Our hope with this monthly feature is that you’ll connect with other creative minded mamas, documenting their days.  Remember to tag your images with #TCMeveryday for the chance to be featured each month.  We want to celebrate the wonderful ways you capture this season of life! […]

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