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Food Photography 101: Lighting

Food photography is increasingly a part of everyone’s lives, whether you’re a professional photographer, food blogger, or avid foodie.  Pictures of what we eat fill our Instagram feeds, Facebook pages and Pinterest boards.  But anyone who has held up a camera or an iPhone to a perfect-looking stack of pancakes knows that it can be a bit […]

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everyday beauty: capturing your child’s story

I am passionate about capturing the story of my children.   When my almost 10 year old daughter was much younger,  I took picture after picture of her smiling perfectly at the camera. Most often, she  would be wearing a beautifully smocked dress with her hair fixed in a pretty bow, posed “just right” in […]

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How to Renew Your Inspiration

Do you ever feel your photography growing stale?  As if you are photographing from the same view, the same angle, the same settings, time and again?  While I love photographing my children, our adventures and the beauty of food, there are times when it feels like I’m shooting the same scenes again and again.  It […]

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Michelle Moore Giveaway

The Creative Mama welcomes Michelle Moore… a highly respected, business savvy, top of the line high school senior portrait photographer… to share some insights about growing a specialized photography business.     Michelle says:  A valuable tip and word of advice for those wanting to narrow their focus on a specific type of photography:  While […]

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#TCMeveryday January Images and Giveaway Winner

It’s been fun to get a peek into the everyday lives of The Creative Mama readers.  Thank you so much for joining us on Instagram and tagging the photos that showcase moments in your lives with #TCMeveryday.  We hope to get to know you better and that you will make some new creative connections through […]

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