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Heeding Inspiration

This Wednesday was a bit crazy. My older boy had been stuck at home sick for several days, I had a busy work week, more potential buyers are coming to see our house, and the list goes on. As I was making dinner, I looked up and saw my son playing on the sofa in […]

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how to get more sleep

photo by tracy larsen I’ve always loved to sleep. I was the girl who tried not to register for morning classes in college. I loved sleeping in on weekends. And I would rather snooze in the passenger seat than drive on road trips. Yes, sleep was my best friend. And then I had kids. Good-bye […]

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Talking yourself out of growth

I think that we probably all have a mental category of things we think we’re unable to do. I hear it frequently in conversations with friends: “I’m not disciplined enough for _____”, “I’m just not good with _____”, or “_____ will just never come naturally to me.” When I started a business five years ago, […]

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February Mama Mantra { a free sharable/printable }

So often, we women walk past the mirror, catch a quick glimpse, and say to ourselves “good enough.” We’ve worked long and hard at accepting ourselves exactly as we are; flaws, faults, and blemishes included. But there is a deep well of light and happiness within us all and I believe it lies directly behind […]

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