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When I grow up …

I still can’t believe that, technically, I am grown up.  Imagine that. A darling friend of mine talked a bit recently about feeling rather unmoored and how unexpected that feeling was to her.  Having always had an expectation that by a certain age she would know how exactly her life should be.  This, I could […]

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real food

I noticed something about my family recently. We don’t eat enough real food. And by “real food” I mean food that is not processed or packaged. Most of the food labels in our pantry have so many ingredients that I just can’t pronounce. I’ll admit that our shelves are filled with goldfish crackers, cheese crackers, […]

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Writing Brings Clarity

  As a teenager I speedily filled notebook after notebook with accounts of my day… tales of both disappointments and small victories mingled with hopes for the future.  My first years of journal keeping were done in very generic spiral notebooks.  Try as I might to use something prettier, I just didn’t feel that I […]

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