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Kiwi Crate Giveaway

Kiwi Crate, one of our fabulous featured sponsors, is hosting an awesome giveaway in which five TCM readers will win their kit of the month, City Adventure! The Creative Mama team member Shawna shared a great review about her Kiwi Crate experience in her article “Let the Creativity Come to You.”   About Kiwi Crate Kiwi […]

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Letters To My Daughter: What Makes You Beautiful?

Shakespeare claimed brevity is the soul of wit. I am curious what this prolific writer would think if he had the chance to marvel at our modern-day communications. The art of letter writing is fading and instead we rely on instantly delivered emails, abbreviated text communications, status updates and 140-character tweets. Brief; absolutely. Witty; occasionally. […]

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Art Display

With two kids in kindergarten, I am drowning in art work.  There are lots of great ideas for preserving and saving our kids’ creations, but I’ve been struggling with display.  Right now my little ones want nothing more than to show off all that hard work they have been doing all day in school. A […]

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Encouraging your little artist

During my experience as an art teacher and a mom, I have learned that there are some dos and don’ts when it comes to encouraging  young minds to create with abandon.  Children’s art is one of my very favorite things, because a child’s innocent view of the world is gloriously honest.   Combine an uninhibited imagination […]

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Traveling with Toddlers … Long Distances

Last month, my family took a rather long plane ride to Hawaii from our home state of New Jersey.  The plan had been to travel to the West Coast (either California or Arizona) and continue to Lihue, Hawaii.  Returning would be easy – we would take the red eye from Lihue on New Years Eve […]

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Family Traditions

Traditions within a family are so important and special. I’m sure most families have traditions that they enjoy during holidays, birthdays, and other special times during the year. I’ve also learned the value of the weekly traditions that make up our family. Pizza night Fridays, at home-movie nights and Mama/daughter outings are a few we have […]

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