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Creative Photo Displays

This month, The Creative Mama will feature the always popular Creative Photographer series. If you are even slightly interested in photography, you won’t want to miss it. Since I am probably the only member of the TCM writing team who can’t even work a point and shoot, I’ll let the others wow you with their […]

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Staying Creative

A few weeks ago, I came across this list, which I loved and then I came across this video, adapted from the original list. So, a few days ago I was inspired to make my own list of simple ways to stay creative (adapted from above), which I keep pinned on my inspiration / treasure […]

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The Project Box

Do you love to create, but can’t find the time? I find that when I’m in the mood to create, by the time I gather all my tools and materials, my time is up! So frustrating! If I could just jump into my project, I could actually get something done. This was a re-curring problem […]

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Last Minute Valentine Gift

Attention! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!!! You may have all the kids’ school valentines and treats ready, but what about your hubby and the grandparents? Haven’t thought about them? Got an hour? You can whip up a great Valentine’s gift! First, put your or your kids creative skills to work. Make a sign expressing your love. […]

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My 2011: the year to let ideas flourish

Here’s my charge to you, Creative Mamas: You’ve got ideas. Lots of them. House ideas, business ideas, vacation ideas, project ideas, personal growth ideas … There’s that piece of furniture you keep thinking about painting, that art book you dream of putting together, the unique and possibly risky vacation you know would be quite the […]

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