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In Need Of A Office/Loft Redesign

Right now, I am in the planning phases of our next organizing project. This is our current office/book/loft space. Besides being a mess at the current time, this space has lots of problems. Notice the huge desk and chair that are blocking access to the bookshelf behind it. Our desktop computer used to reside on […]

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Out of Clutter Find Simplicity

They say a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind…. Well, I believe them. It’s commonly known that we “artsy, creative types” are messy in general, but it’s also said that a mess stifles productivity.  In my case, I must be creative and productive in both my personal life and many jobs, so it’s beyond time […]

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Nesting From Afar

I shared part of our house-hunting journey in my “Day In the Life” post earlier this month. Since then, we found a home in Florida, have been working tirelessly through mortgage processing (and all the goodies that go with buying a home out-of-state), arranging our packing and move through the military (no small feat) and wrapping up […]

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Spring Decluttering

I’m in the middle of spring cleaning, but I’m not scrubbing floors or toilets. At our house, spring cleaning means more clearing out the clutter of the past year than soap and water cleaning. It is clearing out the old, stagnant stuff, to let the fresh, renewing spirit of spring in. Start With The Kitchen […]

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how to create a wall o’ canvas

    There’s one wall in my house that makes all the other walls turn green with envy. It’s the show stopper whenever someone new comes into our home. It’s the one that gets the oohs and aahs as the other walls roll their eyes. It’s this one… Okay, so the walls are actually yellow. […]

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Be Encouraged.

I loved this quote from Ira Glass so much, the instant I read it, I knew I needed to make a print of it for my office wall. Most of you are creative types. And, I am certain we all harbor self-doubt from time to time. In January, we feel refreshed. We look at projects […]

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