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The past twelve months have been a whirlwind for my growing family — re-launching a photography business in a new area, tackling a 7-month deployment, giving birth to my third child (a baby girl) while my husband was away, and joining The Creative Mama — first as a contributor and now, as a co-editor.

(Photo courtesy of Deb Schwedhelm)

As I reflect on this exhilarating (and at times exasperating) year, I would never have fathomed the countless blessings that would emerge as a result of each of those endeavors. I was overjoyed when Angie offered me the opportunity to collaborate with the incredible team of writers here. I had been a long-time reader and admirer of the blog. As a former writer, it was a thrill to return to my roots. Our community here has always felt like home–cozy, familiar and friendly.

As Angie exits gracefully to fulfill the desires of her heart and family, she leaves behind a legacy that I am both humbled and proud to be a part of. And, I can’t imagine taking this journey with more capable and caring women than Stacey, Bree and our dynamic team of writers. I am also deeply grateful to each of you, our readers, who are the lifeblood of this incredible community. As we begin to exit 2010 and look forward to 2011, I am delighted to be a small part of the big plans in store for The Creative Mama. And, I’m very much looking forward to learning more about you as well.

(Photo courtesy of Raye Law Photography)

One of the purposes of this miniseries is to share a bit about ourselves. On that note, I’ll leave you with my adaption of “Where I’m From” by George Ella Lyon (It’s a great exercise if you’ve never tried it):

Where I’m From

I am from tattered notebooks and family photographs
from Burt’s Bees balm and Photoshop.
I am from the southern sunshine, salty sea and no place like roam.
From the old oak trees and apple blossoms, rooted firmly in my grandmother’s yard (roots that run deep and have stories to tell).
I’m from guitar strings strumming, rowboats rowing,
Church on Sunday and wet oil paintings.
from Jan and Agnes.
I’m from stubborn and creative.
From “wipe that smirk off your face young lady” and “please clear your plate.”
I’m from “Jesus Loves Me” and Jeremiah 29:11.
I’m from Cribbs and Beliveau branches,
From southern fried chicken and strawberry shortcake, so sweet I nearly melt.
I am from the day my father left, to the day my husband returned.
From a childhood that ended long ago and motherhood just beginning.
I’m from Liam, Finn and Scout, from two sons and a daughter, and for better or for worse Mr. Beaty (my love of a lifetime, my soul’s mate).
I am from here and, “yes, we’re almost there” and “home is wherever we are together.”
From the paragraphs I sometimes scribble quickly or type carefully (or maybe not, who am I kidding?).
I am from pictures I take, printed and scattered in boxes, each worth a thousand words (or more), sharing the narratives of a simple life lived authentically.

(Photo courtesy of Deb Schwedhelm)

Wishing you a prosperous and joyful 2011. We can’t wait to get to know you better!

About Stephanie

Stephanie Beaty is a blessed, homeschooling mama of four and military spouse. After a 10-year career as a professional writer/PR pro she began Lifeography, a modern child + family portrait studio where she focuses on capturing relationships and connections. Although her growing family currently resides in Tampa, Fla., home is wherever the Navy sends them.

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  • Justyna

    Amazingly written and heartfelt.

  • Nicole

    Steph, that was so beautifully written that it brought tears to my eyes.

  • Ingrid

    You have a wonderful way with words my friend. Here’s to another year full of blessings for you and your dear, sweet family. Much love from your fellow military nomadic friend up north.

  • Carri Powers

    Wow…that is the most beautiful thing I’ve read in a very long time! I am looking forward to reading more of your writings.

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  • ivonne

    “home is wherever we are together.”

    amen to that. looking forward to reading/seeing more of your contributions steph. enjoy your holidays and freshly reunited family.

  • George Ella Lyon

    I so much enjoyed your blog and beautiful poem!

    Perhaps your readers would also like to know about my books for children. More details on the website.

    All best holiday wishes!