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Check Your Drawer

As a professional educator, mother of two, and wife, a huge part of my life is paperwork. It presents itself in various forms– bills, medical information, homework assignments, lesson plans, recipes, and of course, those original masterpieces created by my two children.

As I began formulating a plan this past summer to help me wtih my mountains of papers, I had two requirements: creative & simple. I did not want this endeavor to be a big expense…and it wasn’t.

I found this three drawer plastic bin at my local Target ($9.99),  the labels were a part of my teaching supplies, and the pictures were in a computer file. It was a perfect fit from the start!


Each family member has a designated drawer with paper and supplies. I have taught my children to place all of their papers from school into their drawer as soon as we get home from school. How do I make it work? Well, as with any routine, you just have to make it a habit, (believe me it took a couple weeks of constant reminding). Since I am the one who cannot stand the clutter on our dining room or kitchen table, it has become my bedtime routine to check each drawer–sign the forms, “ooh and ahh” over the graded papers, and admire the beautiful pictures made with every color of the rainbow. 


It is wonderfully simple and works for our family. Now, when the kids ask me for crayons, paper, pencils, etc… I simply say, “check your drawer!”

How do you organize your family’s paperwork? Share with us your creative ideas.

On a sidenote— The black wine bottle holder  (Pottery Barn) was my latest find at a local thrift store for only $6.00! My 4 yr. old put her shoes inside one of the slots one day… and voila! Hey it works for me…I was never going to drink that much wine!

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Thea is an efficient, organized, and sensitive mama of two. She enjoys her "day job" as a school teacher and adores a good Nicholas Sparks book. Take a peek into Thea's life on her blog, Ordinary Inspirations.

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  • turnitupmom

    That’s awesome….the wine rack is ingenious! I’m not at the school papers age yet, but I love your organizing solution :)

  • becky @ our sweet peas

    Love the wine rack. I was thinking what an awesome shoe holder for the back door. Kids and their creativity is truly astounding. Love your idea for the paperwork. I don’t have school papers yet (I have two and half yr. old twins) but I will keep this in mind!

  • Tanna

    I love the drawers and I especially love the labels! The shoe storage how great is that! I like the drawer idea but it wouldn’t work for me. :( I don’t cope well with drawers. Out of sight out of mind but I know many people that this would be great for.

  • Marci@OvercomingBusy

    Just this morning, I was wondering why we still have stacks of papers to deal with. I am homeschooling my daughter this year and my son is just in preschool! Papers has always been my challenge. Your idea is great! Now, I just need to find the right spot for the drawers.

  • marta

    What a great idea! With 3 school aged kids, I could totally use something like this!

  • Launa

    Fabulous idea….I really like the shoes in the wine rack…..I might have to try that one!!

  • MelodyA.

    Everyone is going to love seeing your thrifty find! I think just making a special spot for everyone in a place that is in the open makes such a difference. I just emptied two cubbies on our mud bench that was not being using efficiently. Moved the shelving around and two backpacks fit perfectly. No more backpacks on the floor right in front of the door.

  • Megan at Simple Kids

    First of all, FANTASTIC thrifting score!!

    Secondly, what a brilliant and practical solution. Our oldest daughter started Pre-K this year, and we have papers and paperwork EVERYWHERE – from just one child! I love this. Really brilliant and excellent re-purposing of that wine bottle holder!