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Chocolate Dipped Oreo Pops

So it’s the day before Valentine’s Day & you need a quick, creative, no-bake treat project to make tomorrow special…RIGHT?! Ok…maaaaybe not, but I am going to share one with you anyway!:)Quick, easy treats are some of my favorite things to make because you can take something simple, package it up pretty & make someone’s day. Oreo pops are no exception–they are a delicious crowd pleaser and are pretty darn easy. Here’s how to get some going in your own kitchen!

Here’s what you need:

  • Double Stuf Oreos
  • Chocolate (best quality you can afford, choose your favorite flavor! We love dark)
  • Shortening
  • lollipop sticks (longer is better, not too wide in circumference)
  • sprinkles


Melt chocolate in a double broiler. Low & slow. I don’t have a double broiler, so I always just put a stainless steel bowl in a [well loved] pot and boil the water in the pot below.STEP TWO:

While the chocolate is melting, twist off the tops of the Oreos and lay the stick inside. Smoosh back together.*

*After completion of this project, I decided that it would be advisable to add a dab of the melted chocolate INSIDE the Oreo to help seal the stick in & the keep the cookie together. I would do this before moving on to the next step and put the Oreos in the freezer to set the chocolate in the middle.


Add shortening to the melted chocolate. I melted a whole bag of chocolate chips and added 1 TSP of shortening. If you are ok with crunchy chocolate, I’d use these proportions. If you’d prefer a softer layer of chocolate on the outside of the Oreo, add 1 TBSP instead.


Time to dip! Now remember up there I recommended sealing the top & bottom part of the cookie with a little bit of chocolate & letting it set? Well this is why:

The cookie fell apart when dipped in the chocolate, as it was too fragile to stand up to the weight of the chocolate dip! I ended up using a spoon to pour chocolate over the entire Oreo instead of being able to dip it. Still worked just fine!


Sprinkle the chocolate covered Oreos & lay on a tray lined with waxed paper or foil.


Put the tray in the freezer until set. (You can leave them there until you give them away…or eat them!)


I used little treat bags & some ribbon/bakers twine/raffia to package them up cute to give away–you can package them as creatively as you wish, I’d just definitely recommend covering them in something because they will get messy if left out of the freezer/fridge for too long.

If you are looking for some variations of this idea, you could always skip the sticks and just dip half the Oreo in chocolate then cover in sprinkles. They’d be super cute packaged as a half dozen or so in a treat bag tied with a cute bow. You could also use white chocolate & vary the colors/kinds of sprinkles you use. You could also use the candy melts that are colored (found at Michaels or Hobby Lobby, etc.) and make colored pops. There are so many ways to make this a cute, easy, cheap & quick addition to any holiday party! Enjoy!

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Despite days full of washing diapers & messy fun, Shawna is determined to make mommyhood a stylish adventure. Married to the military & mother to one feisty girl and a snuggly little dude, she is a passionate DIYer & loves sharing how to make the complicated simple. Shawna talks creativity, style, food, decorating, green-chic living & mommyhood at styleberryBLOG, a daily-ish dose of something fab.

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