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Create Your Own Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces are everywhere on the runways for the upcoming fall fashion season. In fact, they’ve been on the scene for quite some time.  When I was newly pregnant with my first son (4 years ago) a dear friend lent me some wise words, “Wear a giant necklace everyday, it’ll make you feel beautiful and put together on the worst of days.”  It was the truest and surest pregnancy advice I got (I never did like “What to Expect…”).  In the picture below I believe I was 34 weeks pregnant showing off my belly and my favorite giant pregnancy necklace.  Lucky for you, this magic advice works for people who with child or without.  It just makes good fashion sense.

You see, a HUGE necklace makes the belly look…well…petite.  It pulls together an otherwise boring outfit.  It also stretches a limited wardrobe.  Those are all good things.  This is also a style you can put to use in your fall wardrobe, whether you are an expectant mama, a new mama, an older mama, or not a mama at all…although, I would suggest you be a lady.  A statement necklace would probably look weird on a dude.

How to Make Your Very Own Statement Necklace

First, gather twine from a craft or hardware store and some beads with rather large holes.  Basically, the holes need to be slightly larger than your twine.  I prefer cotton twine as opposed to nylon or hemp.  I used inexpensive large sterling silver beads from a local hobby store.  I loved that they were slightly tarnished and almost looked like mercury glass.  You could use any kind of bead you like or have on hand.  You could even rip up a necklace you love, but isn’t in style anymore.

String the beads on the twine kind of willy-nilly with a knot on each side of the bead to hold it in place.  I scattered my beads, leaving random spans of twine in between beads.  Just make sure you are paying attention to the desired length and how the beads will hang.  The weight of the beads can cause the necklace to hang awkwardly.  When you are finished with this step, lay that length aside.

Now, cut a piece of twine double the length of your desired finished piece.  Use the “no needle crochet” method to make a nautical style slip-knotted single chain strand.  If you don’t know how to make this, check out this YouTube video.  I would have made one of my own video, but I didn’t realize that there were so few good tutorials online.  I learned how to do this in kindergarten…along with many other vital life skills.  Thanks, Miss Kimes!

The Finished Product–A Statement Necklace for Fall

Then, just haphazardly tie the two strands together in the back.  You could make a knot or a bow, however you’d like.  You can even add additional strands, bulking up the necklace as much as you want.  I’d probably have used 2 strands of twin in the crocheted piece if I did it over, just to add some heft to the piece.

So, if you are with child…I promise you, this piece of advice will trump anything you’ll read in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”.  If you are not expecting, making your own statement necklaces will save you money and stretch your fall wardrobe.  The necklace I showed you is just an example to get your creative juices flowing.  I’m certain you can come up with something really special for yourself this fall.

Hayley Morgan

Born and raised in the cornfields of Indiana, Hayley (aka: The Tiny Twig) has recently moved back to the Hoosier State after a magical stint in Charlotte, NC. She and her handsome husband have three boys who are learning to be good men (in the midst of the wrestling and the dirt!!). Wanting to bring the profound, the excellent, and the glorious into even the mundane things we do everyday in life, Hayley can be found blogging at The Tiny Twig and on Twitter.

About Hayley

Born and raised in the cornfields of Indiana, Hayley (aka: The Tiny Twig) has very recently moved back to the Hoosier State. She and her husband have two preschool aged little boys, 23 months apart. They are mistaken for twins all the time, which she think adds to the charm of having two crazy boys! She tries to balance living a life of beauty with living a life of adventure, and is slowly realizing the two coincide more often than she thinks. Wanting to bring the profound, the excellent, and the glorious into even the mundane things we do everyday in life, Hayley can be found blogging at The Tiny Twig.

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  • Lindsey

    Great Advice Hayley! I love big necklaces, and you’re right… just like a bigger purse is supposed to shrink your rear, a big necklace should help disguise my growing belly!

  • marina

    Thank you for the inspiration, I have three girls who will be sporting these necklaces.

  • http://thecreativemama Joni

    Awesome necklace. Can’t wait to make it.
    Glad to have you back in Indiana. :)

  • Hayley

    I know–I thought that was fantastic advice! :) I love the little projects I can get done when my kids are napping…so this was at the top of my project list. xo.

  • Bree

    why didn’t anyone tell me that when I was pregnant? Great advice Hayley!! And a super cute necklace.

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  • Ang

    This is sooo great! I love the visual ideas and your thought process behind it. I SO need some of these! :)