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Creativity and Motherhood

Being a mother is a truly amazing experience. As any mom knows, however, it can be draining, and messy, and you can easily find yourself baffled at how drastically your life has changed in such a short time. Often the routines of caring for children can feel anything but creative. It is easy to wonder if you will completely lose yourself in the midst of motherhood’s daily grind.

How do you stay creative, when time is always short and someone always needs you? Unfortunately, I’m not writing this because I have the answer. In my three short years of mothering experience, I have come to learn that there is truly no magic formula. Feeling creative and in touch with my deeper self tends to ebb and flow with the various seasons of my life, but I have found some small ways to help myself feel more inspired and remind me- even on the craziest days- of the creative being I am apart from all my other roles in life.

Journaling – For me this is essential. I organize my thoughts through writing them. I express my inner voice and clear my head on paper, and it never fails to help me feel lighter. Even if writing isn’t your thing, maybe art journaling would be. It’s such a great way to allow creative energy to flow without getting involved in a huge project.

Curating my home – Surround yourself with touches of uniqueness and beauty, and you will automatically feel more inspired. I try to approach the things in our home like the curator of a collection, with the goal of each item having meaning and saying something about our family. I display items I love, such as seashells and driftwood, vintage finds, treasures from my travels, plants and fresh flowers, art, and prints of quotes or words that speak to me.

Consuming inspiration – Identifying the things that inspire me, and making sure that they are part of my routine, helps me to feel more connected to myself and my creative side. Nature is one of my biggest inspirations, which is wonderful since kids love to be outside.

Getting away sometimes – It can be so hard, both logistically and mentally, but having something in your life that is just yours and is separate from the kids is so valuable to your well-being and will in turn make you a better and happier mom. It could be a class, or regular time alone to work on creative endeavors. Work only counts if your career is something that fulfills you creatively- and even then, sometimes we need to do something that is completely without obligation or boundaries. It’s okay if you don’t have a specific niche or genre you’re drawn to; just dabble and experiment- you might just find a new passion.

A friend once told me, after listening to my laments about feeling lost in baby land, that motherhood itself is creative. Simply the act of being a mom- of bringing new people into the world and guiding them each day as they grow- is a creative act. This has stuck with me ever since she said it, and it has impacted how I approach our days and how I see myself. Daily life with little ones may not match up to  a glamorous mental image of long days in a studio or at a writer’s desk, but what we’re doing matters, and I believe that each and every mother possesses an incredible amount of creativity.

I would love to hear how you bring creativity into your everyday life as a mom, and the ways you’ve found to stay in touch with yourself while raising children. Please share your thoughts in the comments!

About Hannah

Hannah Mayo is a lifestyle photographer, telling the stories of families and couples in South Florida and beyond. She is a free spirit and lover of adventure, head-over-heels for her husband and two sons. She loves writing, coffee, the ocean, travel, yoga, fresh flowers, sun on her shoulders, passionate people, a fresh new journal, antique shops, seashells, avocados, Polaroids... finding beauty in simple and everyday things, and sharing what she finds.

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  • Morgan

    I came across your website today and want to thank you for nailing it on the head for me – I so often unfavourably compare my day to day life with a young child with the ‘glamour’ of long hours in an artist’s studio or at a writer’s desk! That’s exactly what I do….and I agree it’s so important to find the creative moments wherever you can, and enjoy motherhood as part of your creative process. I am working on a book on the topic of motherhood and creativity, so it’s always good coming across others who are on the same page.

  • Maggie

    Thank you so much for this post! I absolutely agree that motherhood itself is creative. I’ve been struggling with trying to find a creative outlet that fits my new lifestyle as a mom, and this helped me feel like I’m not alone and gave me some good ideas. Thank you!