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day in the life of a food blogger.

7:35am – Wake up. God love my husband, he got the big kids up and off to school and let me sleep. I went to bed pretty late last night.

8:02am – Get Clay and I showered and dressed.

8:07am – Technical difficulties. today of all days. We are launching our e-course. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

9:04am – Have to finish up a few freelance jobs before I head to California tomorrow morning. Off to the grocery store.

9:06am – Pit stop. Don’t judge. I love Diet Coke.

9:56am – The grocery store is 35 minutes away. A long car ride and a big grocery store trip is a good reason for a doughnut stop. At least that is what I tell myself anyway.

10:15am – Groceries for the next few days. I am heading to California for a Dole event, so I figured I would be nice and stock the fridge with some beer for Wes.

10:51am – Home sweet home.

11:00am – I know that it might be weird, but I have to clean my kitchen before I can cook in it. I also have to clean it before bed. I get it from my mom.Totally weird.

11:04am – I also clean out my fridge every time I go to the store. I get rid of anything questionable and wipe down all of the shelves.

11:15am – Time to get cooking. First up, soup and sandwiches for Van’s.

11:50am – Set up soup and sandwich shot. Clay and I eat this for lunch. Clean up and start over.

12:22pm – Start a caramel sauce.

12:45pm – Caramel Sauce with apples for a piece for Betty Crocker.

1:11pm – Next set up, flatbread.

2:01pm – Another for Van’s. This time it is dessert pizzas.

2:37pm – The sad state of my dishwasher. Most days, she is begging for mercy. This is the third load of the day.

3:20pm – Dump my images onto my hard drive. Red needs to be edited.

3:35pm – Will and Ava come home from school. Time for homework. Like how a pencil shoved up an elbow cast becomes a reading tracker?

5:00pm – Cannot go to Monterey without a mani/pedi. So much better.

6:35pm – Tuesday nights are for Dave. We facilitate Financial Peace University at our church.

8:15pm – Home from class, put the kids to bed, pack for trip, write two articles that need to be submitted in the morning, kiss the kids goodnight.

1:21am – Bed. Need to get up for a 5:50am flight.


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  • Kellyloss

    Would love to know the app you are using for sleep! And I love sonic! My closest is 45 miles away!

    • thecreativemama

      It is called Zeo and it is awesome.

  • Julie C

    I’m new here, what is the first photo? Looks like it is something tracking your sleep, if so, what is it? Thanks. Love what I’ve seen of your blog by the way.

  • Tiffany

    Can I come live at your house? All that yummy food!

  • Veronica

    I love this behind the scenes peek! You’re such a hard worker. I know I for one appreciate it. Love your recipes. Also i do the same with the kitchen and grocery shopping. Got it from my mom too : )

  • Angel Dotson

    I’m the same way! I have to clean before I start cooking…and I clean as I go. Then when I’m done. And I always clean out the fridge when I get back from shopping before I put things away! You aren’t the only one. :)

  • Life in Eden {amy}

    Yikes you are busy girl. I too must have a clean kitchen to cook, but can totally go to bed with it dirty. It makes me crazy when my husband starts to prep lunch on a weekend without cleaning up any leftover breakfast mess.