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DIY: Gift Card Snow Globe

DIY Snow GlobeI know that people like receiving gift cards for the holidays, but I feel that they can be a little impersonal.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting a gift card in an envelope for someone, but if I have the time, I like to make them a little extra special.  This DIY Snow Globe takes about 10 minutes to put together, the longest part is waiting for the glue to dry.  When Ava gave this gift to her teacher, she said that our snow globe was the cutest thing that she had ever seen.

You only need a few things to make this project and I would bet that you already have them around your home.  The most important being a jar.  I used a Mason jar, it was a little too large for this project, but it worked just fine.  A pickle jar, spaghetti sauce jar,whatever you have around.  Just make sure that you can see through it, it is very clean, and the top screws on really well.  You do not want to give a leaky snow globe.  You can also use whatever you would like for an embellishment.  I had these cute little mercury glass ornaments, but anything Christmasy (and that can get wet) would work. (PS-  Your gift card should be perfectly safe in the water.) 

DIY Snow GlobeHere is what you need:

a jar of some sort
a gift card
hot glue gun

DIY Snow GlobeGlue a strip on the bottom of your jar.  Stand the gift card up.  Let dry completely.  You can also glue your embellishments down as well. (After I glued them down, I decided that I wanted some of the ornaments to float, it took up some of the negative space.  Hot glue comes right off, so you can play with it until you get it exactly the way you want.

DIY Snow GlobeAdd some glitter to the bottom of your jar.

DIY Snow GlobeFill the jar with water.

DIY Snow GlobeSee how pretty and shimmery the glitter is?  I love glitter.

DIY Snow GlobePut the top on your snow globe and add a ribbon around the bottom.  That was easy wasn’t it?

DIY Snow GlobeIdea source: One Charming Party

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