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DIY Initial Frame

DIY initial frame

Last year, I visited fellow TCMer Alison’s beautiful home. I had one of my favorite dinners ever, and came home having to make copy the beautiful frame that was on her front door. This is one of those times that the vision in my head, actually came to fruition. My project turned out exactly like I wanted, and I still love it. This project has a few of my favorite components in a DIY project – cheap and fast! I made this frame for about 10 dollars and it took about 30 minutes from start to finish. Maybe a little longer if you are more patient and actually let paint dry.

I kept my letter a fairly neutral color so that I could alter the embellishment to match the season. During Christmas time, I swapped the fall flowers for holly. This door frame can be used all year long.

I made this frame last fall and realized today as I was taking back to school pictures, that I had not shared it yet. So here it is!

DIY initial frameWhat you need:

  • a picture frame (mine is 11×14)
  • a wooden letter
  • burlap
  • paint (one color (copper) for the frame and one color (medium grey) for the letter
  • a small piece of ribbon
  • staple gun
  • hot glue gun
  • embellishment of some sort (I used a little fall sprig that I got at Michael’s)

DIY initial frameTake the frame apart. Using a very dry brush, paint on copper colored paint. I wanted my frame to look roughed up, even though this is a brand new frame, it looks distressed from a very short distance. Paint your letter with desired color. Let dry for a few minutes.

DIY initial frameStretch the burlap across the frame insert. Staple or hot glue into place. Insert into frame and secure.

DIY initial frameMake a loop with a small piece of ribbon, adhere with a staple gun.

DIY initial frame

Glue the letter to the burlap. Press firmly for a minute and do not release until the glue hardens. Glue on embellishment.

DIY initial frameHang on door and enjoy year round! Change out the embellishment to suit the season.

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