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Fabric Art | DIY


My mom has always told me I’m the most creative person she knows. The secret I keep is that all of my ideas are really just alterations from someone else’s brilliance. 😉 But, then maybe that’s how we all work … benefiting from each other’s creativity …

  • She wrote out specific directions here so I won’t repeat what she’s already done. I just wanted to share the love for any of you who don’t follow her blog.
  • It made for the perfect Saturday-afternoon-snowed-in craft to do! I had to make a few alterations since I was stuck indoors, but I made it work.


I had an old, glassless frame I picked up from an antique store for only $2. It has been sitting in our office waiting to be used. With fabric pieces I have loads of, I tore strips to use. The green pattern is from bedding I made, the blue fabric from a shirt I loved that ripped when I walked past an old rusty nail.:(I used foam board which I cut with an Exacto knife. I then easily secured the fabric swatches with package tape.

To add a bit of flair I decided I’d use it to post random photos we get that usually get stuck to the fridge.


And, then I hung it in our hallway heading up to our bedroom. Wahlah! So easy and so much fun!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and also to see any art you make with fabric. The options are endless!:)

About Jessica

Jessica is a full-time lifestyle photographer mainly focusing on families and children. In her free time she loves a good memoir, is a sucker for reality TV, loves DIY projects and is addicted to traveling the world. Find her at 503 Photography and browse through her blog to get a peek into the girl behind the lens!

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  • Vigdis

    hi! great pictures, love the DIY. I have some DIY myself.

    best wishes

  • shaina

    i love promise and i love this idea!! thanks for sharing your take on it jess! luv ya! <3

  • Skooks

    I absolutely love this idea! And I have a frame that I accidentally busted the glass out of that I\’ve been trying to figure out what to do with. Perfect. :)

  • traceyclark

    i just love this!

  • Angie

    Okay cool – this is something I can not WAIT to try!

  • Jill

    Can’t wait to try it!!

  • julia

    cool!!! looks like a clothes line!!! love it!

  • Kelly

    I follow Promise’s blog and saw the original post, but I absolutely love your interpretation of it. What a great idea for those solo snapshots!

  • courtneyy

    Such a great idea!

    I had upholstered an old canvas and was using it as bulletin board, but didn’t want to put little tack holes in my photos. I just took some jute and wrapped it around the canvas and stapled it to the back and it took less than 5 minutes!

  • Stephanie Wind

    I had a professor in college say that there was no such thing as original. That every artist takes some ideas from here and some ideas from there and make it their own.

  • brooke

    Oh I love this. I could just picture it hanging on my sons wall in his bedroom. We have a big empty wall-and this would be perfect. Thanks!

  • Tammy

    Love, love, love this idea! I would agree that we all benefit from each others creativity. That is why I love TCM so much!!! I get SO many good ideas. Thanks for sharing this Jessica!

  • AmyC

    Wow, Jessica! That is so cool! Anyone can definitely make it their own. Thanks for sharing.