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Farmer’s Market – a Seasonal Wonderland.


One of my favorite things about springtime is our local Farmer’s Markets. In the Bay Area we are blessed with many different locations to choose from, in neighboring towns. You could quite literally find one on a near daily basis. Last weekend as I was browsing lazily through the crowds I began to think of all the reasons I love this weekend ritual of ours. My top five are as follows.

1. The Quality

Being grown locally and picked at just the right time, these yummy items have far outdone their grocery store relatives. The texture, the flavor – nothing beats it. You can nearly taste the sweet oranges as their aroma fills the air. I love having more than one market to choose from as our produce doesn’t last long in the kitchen, it’s just too good NOT to eat right away!


2. The Prices

I’ve found that, especially being able to get organic, fresh produce, most times the prices can’t be matched. We take a small amount of cash and easily fill our bags. Without having to account for the travel and packaging of super market produce, you’re cutting out a good chunk of change.


3. The Community

Shopping the Farmer’s Market is a great way to build community. It benefits your local farmers, and creates a comradery amongst the regulars who visit. Just this last weekend we ran into a handful of friends and acquaintances, it was wonderful!


4. The Experience

Almost as much as I love coming home with a colorful array of fresh goodies, I adore the experience of the market. We go early in the morning, so the weather is usually still comfortable. Sounds of local musicians fill the air and the crowds are full of people just like us, enjoying the opportunity to get yummy, local produce. One of the best things about our weekly visits is how my oldest (most picky) has began to open his palette to varying cultures!


5. The Flowers

If you have been a reader for a while, or know me in person – you probably saw this one coming. I treat myself weekly to flowers and the price and quality of Farmer’s Market blooms causes my heart to skip a beat. Now, my ‘six dollar treat’ has become my ‘three-four dollar treat’ and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Do you enjoy the local Farmer’s Market? What’s your favorite thing about it? Can’t wait to read your comments!

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  • charleigh

    it sounds like a wonderful experience & worth it for the flowers alone!! i wish we had a farmers market nearby – we must find one on our next holiday.

  • Julia @ The Frugal Find

    Hey, that’s a Frugal Find! Good tip on the flowers :) Thanks for sharing. We too go twice a week to the farmers market, we absolutely love it. There is a live concert every Thursday night here and it’s sucha treat to hear GOOD music for free! We usually pack a picnic dinner and enjoy :) It makes for a really fun and affordable family night out. Thanks for the great blog!

  • angie

    Amanda, you make a great point. Heading there towards the end of the market is a fabulous idea – often times you get the best deals! Thanks for sharing!

  • angie

    Casey, I hope you do! It’s a lovely experience.

  • Amanda @

    Denver has a ton of markets too–darn near every day! I try to hit the markets late in the day to get good deals on fruit for preserving and whatever looks good that the farmers don’t want to haul home! It’s such fun for the kids, too, to meet the people who are actually growing their food and to see what’s really in season!

    xo, Amanda @ kiddio

  • jamie

    good mornig angie! i’ve lived in the ann arbor, michigan (go blue) area my entired life. until we moved over christmas break, we lived 10-15 minutes from downtown ann arbor, home of a fabulous farmer’s market. i was just telling my hubby that we need to make an effort to go to ann arbor much more during the summer. although it would take up a good chunk of our saturday morning (a good 30-45 minutes to drive one way, find parking, etc.), it would be worth every moment…for all the reasons you’ve listed! enjoy this tuesday.

  • Casey

    I have never been to our Farmer’s Market here, I think I might make an effort to stop in next weekend. You make the Farmer’s Market sound really good!

  • angie

    Allegra – I’m in total agreement with you there! I find it hard to stick to my list when there are so many exciting and new items to try!

  • Chele

    Wow Ang! I have not thought about the Farmer’s Market in a long time!! I grew up going every Saturday with my parents. It was always something I looked forward to doing! It reminds me of something fun to do with the family this summer! Thanks!

  • Allegra

    I looove Farmer’s Markets for all of the reasons you mention. I was so excited when this year an indoor market opened up near me during the winter months. The hard part I have is reconciling the money I spend at the market with my monthly grocery budget — I just feel like there are so many tempting, fun things to try out every week!!