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Finding the Joy

We all have “those days”: nothing seems to be going quite right, you feel stressed and gloomy right from the start, and you just wish you could curl back into bed and start over. Trust me, I’ve been there.

On days like that, we need an infusion of joy to break us out of our funk. Whether there is a specific reason for feeling down, or it really is “just one of those days”, here are a few small things you can do to help lift your spirits and bring more joy into your world:

  • Go outside. It is simple, yes, but sometimes this is all it takes to lift my mood. Exposure to natural light increases the serotonin levels in the brain, which elevates feelings of well-being. I also find that enjoying nature cheers me up considerably.
  • Stretch. Stretching is excellent for decreasing stress and boosting energy as well as mood. Just a few minutes of yoga often changes the tone of my day dramatically.
  • Take five (or ten, or twenty). Make yourself some herbal tea. Curl up with a favorite book. Just sit quietly. Taking a little bit of time to yourself in the midst of a busy or stressful day can make such a difference.
  • Create. Make something. Write. Photograph. Getting your creative juices flowing and allowing how you feel to come out in your art can help significantly, and doing something constructive and tangible always makes me feel good.
  • Treat yourself. Buy yourself flowers. Paint your nails. Whip up one of your favorites in the kitchen. Love on yourself a little– you deserve it.

What do you do to break out of a bad mood or brighten a gloomy day? Please share in the comments!

About Hannah

Hannah Mayo is a lifestyle photographer, telling the stories of families and couples in South Florida and beyond. She is a free spirit and lover of adventure, head-over-heels for her husband and two sons. She loves writing, coffee, the ocean, travel, yoga, fresh flowers, sun on her shoulders, passionate people, a fresh new journal, antique shops, seashells, avocados, Polaroids... finding beauty in simple and everyday things, and sharing what she finds.

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  • Emily

    Crank up some good music and dance or sing along. I also find it helpful every once in a while to let yourself have a good cry. Put on a sad movie and release those emotions.

  • laura evans

    it’s the simple things in life … great post!

  • Jen

    This post comes at a good time because I feel like I’m having one of those days :) Thanks for the reminders.

  • Sarah

    I try and exercise first thing in the morning. There’s nothing like a run along the pier as the sun is coming up to start my day off on the right foot!