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Garden Inspiration

This Summer started out with grand plans for my garden. I planted seeds and dreamed of the delicious food I would harvest. Then we were hit with sweltering heat and drought here in South Florida, and despite my watering efforts, things began to shrivel up. I still have a few herbs that are doing alright, but for the most part I am looking ahead to planting for the Fall, which is a good time for the more heat-sensitive plants here. I’ve learned that Florida has different growing seasons for different things, as opposed to one season in the Spring and Summer like some of the more Northern states. It is definitely important to know your climate, and a wealth of gardening information can be found online for each state or region.

So as I do with many things lately, I looked to Pinterest for inspiration for my garden. There are some great ideas and lovely images that have me excited to get started again once things cool off a bit.

Starting seeds…

…in paper towel rolls {source}

…or eggshells {source}

Creative containers…

repurposed tins {source}

on fences {source}

outdoor shelves {source}

glass containers indoors {source}

vintage barrel {source}

Beautiful unique & heirloom varieties…

carrots {source}

tomatoes {source}

eggplant {source}

I am so excited for a new season and, as always, learning more as I go.

What are you dreaming of for your next growing season?

Hannah Mayo

Hannah is a fine art and lifestyle portrait photographer, a visual storyteller and finder of beauty. She lives in West Palm Beach, Florida with her husband and son, and loves film, coffeeshops, the ocean, writing, and any creative outlet she can find.

About Hannah

Hannah Mayo is a lifestyle photographer, telling the stories of families and couples in South Florida and beyond. She is a free spirit and lover of adventure, head-over-heels for her husband and two sons. She loves writing, coffee, the ocean, travel, yoga, fresh flowers, sun on her shoulders, passionate people, a fresh new journal, antique shops, seashells, avocados, Polaroids... finding beauty in simple and everyday things, and sharing what she finds.

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  • Trude Ellingsen

    Thanks for sharing these! I’m moving into a new place this weekend and am definitely planning on starting fresh with my plants, including herbs and tomatoes on the patio, and maybe a lemon tree too!

  • Melody

    I’m trying to grow a bunch of things here in Memphis but it’s just too hot. My sweet basil plant is amazing though! I long for the day when I have so much produce I don’t know what to do with it all!

  • Krystal Griffin

    If you like heirlooms you should try Pineapple tomatoes. The best!