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Get your chore on.


Do your children help out at home? Do you have a chore chart for them, use chore cards, or perhaps you do all of the hard work? As much as I don’t mind my weekly tasks, I’d like my kids to grow up with a good work ethic, realizing just how wonderful and respected they are as a part of our family and the community.

No age is too young to start instilling this idea. In fact, our four year old doesn’t read, yet there are other creative ways to remind him of his tasks. We chose to go the chore chard route, and instead of some average image from the computer – we made his chore cards custom to his tasks. So easy to do, and the kids really get a kick out of this. First we determined what was appropriate for his age, and what things he could physically do. We came up with six daily chores that our little guy was already doing, just not as steadily as he should have been.


Each day he does the following: brushes his teeth, makes his bed, helps to hang up and put away clothing, waters his vegetable plants, picks up the toys and puts the silverware away from a clean dishwasher. All very easy things for him, yet he feels so accomplished when he is able to move that card off of the table.

Speaking of which, that is just how we do it. I created these little cards for him in photo shop and printed them at 4×6. You could do the same if you are able, or simply take pictures of their “chores” and mount to an index card! We spread them all spread out on the table each morning, so he is visually reminded of the tasks that lay ahead of him. As he finishes one up, he is able to move it to the “all done!” basket. If his basket is full at the end of each day he receives a sticker (seven stickers at the end of each week results in two crisp dollar bills). What an exciting time for him (and us)! How he chooses to spend his hard earned cash is completely his call, but it teaches the value of money and hard work.

How do you implement chores and daily tasks with your own children, or how do you plan to? I’d love to get your feedback!

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  • Teresa F

    in response to the question about how we will implement chores. We are Dave Ramsey people so we do his budget and his envelope system. So the kids will make a “commission” (that is what Dave calls it and they have three envelopes to put their money in one is for spending money, one is for saving money and one if for giving)which they will put into these three envelopes. If they don’t do all their chores then some money (amount is up to the parents) will be deducted from their commission. This is how we plan to implement chores in our family.

  • Carey

    I just wanted you to know….

    I have been waiting, what is it? Like 9 months to be able to use this!!!

    I am SO excited this morning to begin creating this for my 3 year old. : ) Thank you for the inspiration and ideas on how to actually implement it. I think this is going to work perfectly for us.

  • Michelle

    Found you via Pioneer woman via Mrs. G\’s post. Great idea – look forward to exploring your site further.

  • Renee

    I love the picture idea… especially since our daughter isn’t old enough to read.

  • Carrie Alexander

    Love this one, and I love that it’s VISUAL!!! Oliver is already taking off his shoes and coat when he hits the door, and he “puts them away” (meaning he chucks them over the baby gate on the stair landing because our shoe rack is there, LOL). I’ll make a card for that one, but any ideas on things a 2 1/2 year old can do? Pick up toys, brush teeth, ???? Would three cards for him be “enough” or should I start him on some more simple tasks now?

  • Heather

    I love this idea. I will definitely try it. So far with my 5 year old twins, we have a list of chores that we complete right after breakfast. Of course I am always reminding them what they need to do but I’m going to switch to the cards to save myself the nagging! Each boy has half the list to do and the next day they switch. The one chore they despise is emptying trash cans but to ease their “burden” I let whichever boy who emptied the trash that day pick out the movie we watch that day. Since we rarely watch tv, it’s a good incentive.

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  • Eternal*Voyageur

    I recommend reading articles or books about Montessori education, especially Montessori homeschooling, since they believe in the value of teaching kids early on to be responsible, respect their environment and do things for themselves. I found this very interesting:

  • Lu

    I love this idea! It’ll work perfect for me. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kamani

    Thanks very much for the idea. I must first start a system for me. My little one is only one year old. However one parent said that we can train her even now.

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  • Mandi

    Angie! These are the cutest things I’ve ever seen! I don’t know how I missed them before, but they’re adorable!

  • Cairen Ballstaedt

    I have been trying to find a chore tracking method that would work good for us and I think this is it! I love it! Thanks so much for the wonderful idea!

  • angie

    Rebeca, I’m glad you like it! :) Why yes, I do have some ideas on organizing our spending and paper piles – definitely something I’ll share in the near future.

  • Rebeca

    Hello…luv this idea! Just saw a magnetic chore chart @ Target and although it was very cute, your chart by far is a lot better:) I’ve been meaning to buy or make one,so now I definitely have no excuse! You’re such a creative mama;) Have any ideas for organizing receipts and spending? Any special program you might recommend?

  • Marci@OvercomingBusy

    My daughter was just saying she wants a chore chart instead of me just telling her what to do :) I have never liked charts, so this idea is great. My youngest will love this!

  • Tanna

    I love this idea! Now I have my work cut out for me. I haven’t really found anything that really clicks with my kids but I never thought of personalizing it like this. This will be fun!

  • SherrySam

    I’ve found that the virtual chore chart works for me. I use a site called Handipoints chore charts to make printables and it’s really been fun so far!

  • theadora

    Ang- Love this! I do not have a Visual chore chart ( my oldest “the pleaser” ) has always been quick to do his chores. However, “little Mis Sassy” needs help sometimes! These visuals will give her that sense of accomplishment . The teacher in me will LOVE doing the chart and checking it off!!! A+ to you ANGIE!!!

  • Kika

    We have a chore chart on the fridge and time slotted into each day for this purpose. We each (myself and two oldest kids) have a couple main chores per day and this keeps the home running smoothly. Each summer I revise it according to kids’ ages and abilities. I’ve been slack with my almost 4yo, though, and know I’ll need to be more diligent in working with her over the next school year. She’d probably like a picture chart to mark off.

  • angie

    Hehe, I’m envisioning THAT chore card 😉

  • Stephanie

    that should be a nice chord card…picking up poop. hmmmm

  • Stephanie

    Picking up dog poop chore card should be a pretty picture!

  • Stephanie

    Great idea! DS is not old enough to do chores yet, but DH and I already know which one we will hand off first. Ha! Picking up the dog poop. :) We have two great danes! Poor kid.

  • angie

    Abbie & Jamie – glad you enjoyed our little cards, hope you can make good use of some yourselves! Hugs!

  • Amanda @ Mommy’s Idea Book

    This is an awesome idea! I’m definitely going to do this. Thanks!!

  • jamie

    hey there again! LOVE this chore idea. i have 19-year-old twin daughters. and a 13-year-old girl. and a 5-year-old boy. i always wanted to be the *cool mom* when my older girls were growing up. so i did all the work. plus, i think i had a *little bit* of the *if you want it done right just do it yourself* thing going on. who am i kidding. i still have that going on. so, long story short, at 19, having them even pick up after themselves in our main living space is torture. i need to stop procrastinating, head out to get a camera (our’s has been broke forever) and get going on zach’s chore pictures. LOVE THIS IDEA! and who doesn’t love crisp dollar bills!

  • Abbie

    My son is coming up on the age where he can actually follow commands. He is 2 1/2 and doesn’t like to help clean up. This is such a wonderful idea to post pics of the chores so they are easier for little ones to understand. I actually was going to laminate these toy pics I took to adhear to their toy bins so the kids can know what is in each and can put help put away their toys.
    I just love this post! Thanks for the tips.