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Good Moms.

It’s official. Summer has departed and the school season has begun. Farewell summer breezes, afternoon swimming and evening picnics. Welcome routine, the hustle and some bustle too.

As we try to balance it all (and then realize, that of course we can’t) — we find our priorities and a rhythm. The heartbeat of our day-to-day. And, hopefully a reminder that we must make time for the most important things. The fleeting things. The small things. May we forgive ourselves for the tasks that sometimes are left undone, because we made time for the *best* things.

I would love to gift a worthy mama with one of my newest prints “Good Moms” from my Print Shop. A modern take on a classic quip. Leave a comment and I’ll select the one that catches my fancy. Why do YOU want a “Good Mom” print?

Here’s to happy families.


Co-editor Stephanie Beaty is a blessed mama of three children and military spouse. After a 10-year career as a professional writer/PR pro she began Lifeography, a modern child + family portrait studio where she focuses on capturing relationships and connections. Although her growing family currently resides in Virginia Beach, Va., home is wherever the Navy sends them. Write to her at

About Stephanie

Stephanie Beaty is a blessed, homeschooling mama of four and military spouse. After a 10-year career as a professional writer/PR pro she began Lifeography, a modern child + family portrait studio where she focuses on capturing relationships and connections. Although her growing family currently resides in Tampa, Fla., home is wherever the Navy sends them.

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  • Stephanie

    Congrats to Jami.

    I loved all of your comments! You are all Good Moms! Love your sentiments…All those that entered get a $5 off coupon any Print Shop purchase. Email me at for your code.

  • Bethany

    This embodied EVERYTHING I felt and experienced today with my baby!! I thought in my mind of putting him in his jumparoo thingy while I did my crafts, but realized that during his precious awake time I need to be interacting with that peanut. : ) So we took an impromptu walk to the park where we laid in the grass and looked up at the leaves, and where we dissected the bark of a tree, and where he experienced a swing for the first time. This saying on your beautiful work of art is so “me”. I need this in my home so people know where my priorities lie! : )

  • Hope_jesse

    I love this…it goes along with something that I once heard from someone…Your kids won’t remember if you house was clean…they will remember what you did with them.

  • Rmcbjc

    ” Ain’t that the truth!!!” and said with such nice graphics and font and word art… love it…. having raised 3 daughters who are now all married and having one grandson ( so far) I highly recommend that you all keep this motto in mind each day

  • Naidre

    I just found your blog recently…. Your poster reinforces what I need to remind myself. I often fall behind in my kitchen clean-up ( or other parts of the house ;0) and then I feel badly. And then I feel badly about feeling badly. This poster would remind me to stay true to what I feel…

  • Michelle Geiger

    This is too cute, I love it. I was even going to mop my floors today and after reading this decided to go out for a swing with the kids instead, haha…Cheers to sticky floors!

  • Jami

    i NEED this! i feel like my inlaws never think my house is neat enough. Its clean.. its just not PERFECT like their house is/was. There mom didn’t work full time, I work full time PLUS.

    I wish I could just hang this.. and then i don’t have to say it :)

    • Stephanie

      Jami – You win! Sounds like you need some reinforcement :) Email me at with your mailing address.

  • Jen

    Ha!! I read this and had to smile. This morning my kids and I have been trying to tackle all the things that we let slide because of summer fun. I told my son we couldn’t put it off any longer! So far we have worked on scrubbing the shower (can not believe how much I am cleaning up – I wouldn’t have said it was gross, but it was in need of a deep clean), washed the inside of the windows and have hung some random pictures that have been waiting to be hung for awhile now. With a 3 year old and a 1 year old, things aren’t spotless, but we did have fun. Now they are down for a much deserved nap! :)

  • Echo Dannelle

    I saw this quote on Pinterest a few days ago and fell in love. It’s me. To a ‘t’. I have a two year-old son, Josh, and he is my EVERYTHING. He plays and gets into everything, too. He drags out pots and pans, throws Cheerios in the air just to watch them fall and runs me ragged. BUT, I don’t get on to him for it (like people tell me I should), because he’s having fun. He’s laughing and smiling, and finding his bliss, whether it’s Cheerios or coloring. I let him do what he loves. I pick up the mess later. I’m not going to take one hour from watching him play to clean up. Then, what would I miss? That’s just not a risk I’m willing to take. I do my dishes nightly, and I don’t leave food in the floor, but no, honestly, I don’t clean my oven nearly enough. I don’t mop nearly enough. It can wait. I’ve got more important things to do.

  • Daniele

    I would love a Good Moms print to have in my home to remind myself (and my mother-in-law) that it is ok that my house isn’t spotless but rather my children are fed, clothed and extremely loved.

  • Mandy Stewart

    I am the proud mama of one very rowdy little boy, Jack. I also work 40 hours a week and have a 70 mile round trip commute every day, so every moment from the second I pick my son up from school to the minute he closes his eyes for bed is SO precious to me. We play for 3 hours solid, we cook dinner together, we all do bath and bed time as a family, and that leaves very little time for dusting and vacuuming and the like! It’s enough squeezing in the minutes with him and then taking a moment to breathe with my husband after bedtime, what should I care about the dishes on the counter or the toys on the floor?!

  • Emmy

    Stephanie, you always know how to help keep me focused on what’s important in this busyness of being a mom! Thank you for your inspiration!

  • Bdaiss

    Okay, I’m off to pin this one! Love the sentiment, and it’s one I keep close to my heart. I need one of these to remind my hubby that our house is a home, full of love, fun, and comfort, not a museum to be kept spotless. The sound of my kids laughter is the best sound in the world to me.

  • Lora Fanning

    I’m THAT mom in the neighborhood. More kids than anyone else, I drive a gigantic white beast, my kids are home all day, and my neighbors love to walk in my door at 2 pm (THE WORST time of day in my home) and then try not to blink too many times at the mass destruction that is my home. Crumbs on the floor, scraps of paper floating through the air, somebody’s lunch still catching flies on the table… It IS embarrassing, and we’re working on it, but most people say our house is always easy to walk in to. It feels hospitable. So I guess that’s really the goal. My kids are growing, thriving, learning, and yes, messy. And, for whatever reason, people still want to come see us, especially at 2 pm. But maybe I should start instituting a BYOB policy: “Bring Your Own Broom.”

  • Ceranicg

    I would like a “Good Mom” print because on a daily basis I strive to be a good mom. Not good enough, not perfect, but good. I’ve been blessed with three precious children and though the daily stuff can be a grind, life is good.

    That and it would go perfect in my house with the dirty oven, sticky floors AND yellow walls!!!! :)

  • Erin Bremer

    Love it! After 6 days of no electricity, I spent the weekend doing some cleaning, but it is never enough, and the house is never always totally clean. As I finish one room and move to the next my little ones are right behind me destroying it all :)

  • Krystal Griffin

    Oh, I love that! Isn’t that what we all need to remember. With four kids and homeschooling (and a little photography) my floors are always sticky. Haha! But it’s easy to let the mess bother me and the reality it that it isn’t that big a deal. Nurturing little hearts is the big deal.

    Now, the toilets… ….that is a different story!! That might be a big deal.=)