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Hayley Morgan


Born and raised in the cornfields of Indiana, and though they lived a magical 4 year stint in Charlotte, NC, Hayley has very recently moved back to the Hoosier State.  She says that it just seems like her body and heart feel at home in the flat and vast fertile ground.  She loves that you can see for miles uninterrupted.  The sunsets are unreal, and the summer thunderstorms are a thing of beauty, according to Hayley.

She and her husband have two preschool aged little boys, 23 months apart.  They are mistaken for twins all the time, which she think adds to the charm of having two crazy boys!  She tries to balance living a life of beauty with living a life of adventure.  And, is slowly realizing the two coincide more often than she thinks.

Hayley desires a life of adventure and has harbored a lifelong fear of mediocrity.  Passion is something she hopes to hold on to, cultivate, learn about, and grow in…whatever that looks like.  She wants to love others more than herself.  She wants her boys to grow up to be good men.  Hayley wants to live a love story that could be made into a movie.  She wants to bring the profound, the excellent, and the glorious into even the mundane things we do everyday in life.  Can you create and seek that spark wherever you go?  Hayley Morgan is on a lifelong mission to find out.

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