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Hold on Tight

To see the Summer Sky
Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie –
True Poems flee.
— Emily Dickinson



Summer is short . . . soon the sand in the car will be replaced by ice on the windshield, the popsicle residue where you least expect it a thing of the past, the true poetry of children on a summer day a memory.

Don’t rush to clean up every mess, stop when you can to take this all in, and hold on tight because true poems do indeed flee–and, in the case of children, all too fast.


About Samantha

Samantha Hines lives with her family in Newport, RI, and is a high school English teacher (twenty-four years and running). In the last several years, she has published in ADDitude and Adoptive Families magazines; and her blog, My Three Sons, was named by Adoptive Families as one of the Top Twenty Adoption Blogs on the internet. She is also the author of "Different Drummer," a blog about her son who was recently diagnosed with ADHD. In September 2012, she began her Ph.D. in Humanities at Salve Regina University. You can follow My Three Sons on Facebook and her blog at

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  • Heather :) :) :)

    This is really sweet :) :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  • Heidi Lobecker

    Here Comes Summer

    Here comes summer,
    Here comes summer,
    Chirping robin, budding rose.
    Here comes summer,
    Here comes summer,
    Gentle showers, summer clothes
    Here comes summer,
    Here comes summer-
    Whoosh-shiver-there it goes.

    by Shel Silverstein

  • Blueboat123

    You go girl! Love, Auntie

  • Tracey N

    Thank you for saying it. This summer my mantra is ‘say yes’. Instead of not now, we”ll do it later, mommy is busy cleaning…. I want to say yes. Yes to the card games. Yes to Lego. Yes to extra story time, yes, yes, yes….

  • Allison

    I must remember that…. Breathe, Relax, Take it all in (then worry about the cleanup!)

  • Betsy

    You are SO RIGHT about this! I am glad I read this in the morning, and I am going right now to pray and give thanks for everything I have and I will focus on the beautiful weather and my son playing out back. I will NOT worry about my diet, job, or any other ‘to-do’ item.

  • Lisa

    You always seem to be able to put things into perspective. How important it is to be able to appreciate and savor all the wonderful and “not so wonderful” moments with our children and family. Life is short and happiness is a choice!

  • Bernadette

    So true! Raymond asked me the other day when did I have an entire school summer vacation. Hmmmm I would have to say ….summer of my junior year in high school….after that I worked every summer, fall, winter, spring…. I miss those old summer days…

  • Rita

    Ah, sweet memories of times past. In Florida, where I live, it is sooo hot and humid, it is impossible to really enjoy the summer beauty, but I do remember times past in my childhood of treasuring those warm summer days in Newport, ice cream cones, lemonade, etc. I especially the wonderful Sunday drives along the ocean drive and going to Sandy Point Beach. Rita

  • Sbrodlie

    You are right on that one! I need to stop and remember that more often – especially with the sand situation.

  • Revhines1

    As all of life is, savor the moments for they are fleeting.

  • Beth

    SO true….