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Homemade Snowflake Ornament

O ver the course of the next few weeks, I will be bringing you some ideas on homemade ornaments.  If you are a photographer, you can top your clients’ orders with these cute and inexpensive ornaments.  If you are a mom, your kids can help you make them.  And, no matter who you are–I can assure you they will look darling on your tree or around your home.

Pipe cleaners are the ultimate in cheap crafting supplies.  I keep them well stocked at my house, and my boys love using them to make crafts of all sorts.  Today, we used them to make some sweet little ornaments.  I remember making these in 3rd grade with precut lengths of white pipe cleaners…and they were just as easy as I remember.


  • 3 Pipe Cleaners (Each cut in half)
  • Wire Cutter
  • Needle Nosed Pliers
  • Length of Ribbon


  • Take 3 pipe cleaners and twist together at the middle.
  • Separate arms to make a 6 point star.
  • Cut remaining pipe cleaners in thirds.
  • Starting in the middle of one arm, twist smaller piece of pipe cleaner around and crimp with needle nose pliers.  Continue up the arm twice more.
  • Continue around the star.
  • Tie ribbon around middle and into a circle shape to make a hanger.

Hayley was born and raised in the cornfields of Indiana, and though they lived a magical 4 year stint in Charlotte, NC, Hayley has found herself again in the Hoosier State. She and her husband have three boys who are learning to how to be good men (in the midst of all the wrestling and dirt). She tries to balance living a life of beauty with living a life of adventure. Follow her adventures at Tiny Twig Goes Out on a Limb and on Twitter.
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About Hayley

Born and raised in the cornfields of Indiana, Hayley (aka: The Tiny Twig) has very recently moved back to the Hoosier State. She and her husband have two preschool aged little boys, 23 months apart. They are mistaken for twins all the time, which she think adds to the charm of having two crazy boys! She tries to balance living a life of beauty with living a life of adventure, and is slowly realizing the two coincide more often than she thinks. Wanting to bring the profound, the excellent, and the glorious into even the mundane things we do everyday in life, Hayley can be found blogging at The Tiny Twig.

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  • The Prairie Hen

    Dear Ornamental,
    Thanks for the idea… my turkeys LOVE pipecleaners and we keep a canester of them handy… they are a great toy for trips and other times when it’s nice for your chillins to have something QUIET to do… that is until they start FIGHTING over them! I’m sure your boys never do that tho… do they? 😉

    Also they are a great addition to a fairy house or lost boys fort! Here’s the ones we made:

    All Shapes in NE

  • http://pureandnoble Brooke

    well done friend. xo

  • Angie

    i love these hayley, and to top a gift? adorable decoration. your DIYs are so easy to follow along with, thanks for the great photos!

  • Janna

    Cute! And even I could make them! :)

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